My rules are :

Don't vandalise user pages belonging to Havemeforty or The Bad Ice Creams (admins)

Don't remove content from pages

Clean up spam and false info

Don't abuse accounts

Don't insult characters or unfortunates.

Don't insert gibberish in comments

Don't spam for badges

Don't create links to inappropriate sites

Choose a suitable username

Don't add inappropriate images

No hacking

No posing as admins


If I catch you adding fan-fiction on this wiki, I will block you

Block Expiry Time for Stuff :

Fan-fiction - Depends on how much fake info it contains

Intimidating behaviour/harrasment - 1 month

Vandalising admins userpage - 9 months

Saying fart comments - (equals gibberish) 6 months

Comment fan-ficts - Depends on how much fake info it contains

Abusing accounts - 3 years

Insulting characters and unfortunates - 2 years

Unacceptable username - infinite

Adding inappropriate images - 3 years

Adding links to inapproriate sites - 3 years

Saying mean stuff about admins - infinite

Inserting fake ages/birthdays - 1 year

Hacking - infinite

Spamming for badges - 2 years

Removing content from pages - infinite

Pretending to have administrative powers - infinite

Pretending to send a request for ban for admins - infinite

Posing as an admin - infinite