These unfortunates are from Nottingham.

Unfortunates :

John (boy) keeps giraffes under his bed

Becca (girl) who invented running in 3017

Daniel (boy) is one of your five a day

Leah (girl) who brought just dance 4000

Anthony (boy) who is having a party

Sarah (girl) once ran the marathon backwards

Floor 6 = Mutternot’s Tales

Challenge Character : Miss Mutternot the Tower Librarian

No. of blackouts : 3

All books tidied up at end : No

Challenge failed


John: Daniel, because I could hear books falling by him.

Becca: Daniel, Because every time the blackouts ended he was in a different position.

Daniel: John, because he was slow.

Leah: Daniel, because he bumped into me.

Anthony: Sarah, because she was too loud.

Sarah: Daniel, Because i could see him.

Daniel: 4 votes, John: 1 vote, Sarah: 1 vote

Daniel got the most votes. The real saboteur was Anthony.

The saboteur succeeded and kept his identity secret

Daniel's last words: I'm sad to be trapped on the first floor.

Floor 5 = Skeleton Blocks

Challenge Character : The Skeleton

Password : “Bones”

No. of times screamed : 3

No. of blocks placed in body at end : 3/5

Challenge failed


John: Sarah, because she put the bad blocks in.

Becca: Sarah, because she kept waking up the skeleton.

Leah: John, Because he was not helping.

Anthony: Becca, because she dropped the blocks.

Sarah: Becca, because she ruined the game

Sarah: 2 votes, Becca: 2 votes, John, 1 vote

The vote is a tie. Sarah and Becca got the most votes.

Becca has drawn the short straw. The real saboteur was Becca.

The saboteur succeeded but the draw straws have spoken.

Becca's last words: I am really sad; because I wanted to succeed. (Both Scream)

Floor 4 = Shark Attack

Challenge Characters : The Shark

Unfortunate putting their hand in the holes: Anthony

1st go : The shark is in the middle. The team picked middle.

2nd go : The shark is in the top. The team picked bottom.

3rd go : The shark is in the middle. The team picked middle.

4th go : the shark is in the bottom. The team picked top.

Challenge failed


John: Leah, because she forced them to put their hand in the holes.

Leah: Sarah, because she was saying the wrong holes.

Anthony: John, because each time I put my hand in the holes, he was wrong.

Sarah: Anthony, because he put his hand in the wrong holes.

John: 1 vote, Leah: 1 vote, Anthony: 1 vote, Sarah: 1 vote

The vote is a tie. Everyone has received 1 vote. They hopefully don’t trust each other. The real saboteur was Leah.

The team passed but they can’t decide who was the saboteur.

Leah's last words: I'm gonna get bored in here & I'm gonna miss all my friends.

Floor 3 = Forbidden Chambers

Challenge Characters : Nobody

No. Crate Towers at the matching rooms finished: 1/2 (The purple crates were finished)

2 or more matching colored crates in the matching rooms at the end : No

Challenge failed


John: Anthony, because he wasn't obligated to let me out.

Anthony: John, because he kept trying to ruin the game.

Sarah: John, because he took too long in to rooms

John: 2 votes, Anthony: 1 vote

John got the most votes. The real saboteur was Sarah.

The saboteur succeeded & kept her identity secret

John's last words: yes, i'm going to miss playing football.

Floor 2 = Fight for Freedom (One way out and there can only be one winner)

The Caretaker said "This is it, I'm so excited, I could kiss a panda"

How many powercuts were there during Mutternot’s Tales?

3 (Anthony said the correct answer)

What color would the skeleton turn if you woke him up?

Orange (Sarah said blue)

How many rooms were there on Floor 3?

4 (Anthony said the correct answer)

What was the name of the librarian on Floor Six?

Miss Mutternott (Sarah said the correct answer)

what creature did you get bitten by on floor 4?

Shark (Anthony said the correct answer)

What was the password you had to write on floor 5?

Bones (Sarah said "Pass")

Anthony answered 3 questions correctly

Sarah answered 1 question correctly

Anthony won his freedom & Sarah is trapped!

Anthony said: Freedom is mine!