This batch of unfortunates are from blackpool.

Unfortunates :

Takumi (boy) who invented plants

Hannah (girl) she walked on a waterslide

Richard (boy) is in traffic. Please leave him a message BEEP!

Mylene (girl) who bought her own peice of land

Reggie (boy) wants to escape

And that one with the head on upwards is sarah (girl)

Floor 6 = Alien Pack

Challenge Character: The Aliens

No. Of powercuts: 3

Pack complete at end: no

Challenge Failed


Hannah: reggie, because he was in a diffrent positions at the end of the blackouts.

Richard: sarah, because she said something in the blackouts.

Mylene: reggie, because at the end of the blackouts he was in a different position.

Reggie: sarah, because she was laughhing in the blackouts and i could hear her.

Sarah: richard, because he was really quiet.

Takumi: richard, because he did not talk very much.

Reggie: 2 votes, Sarah: 2 votes, Richard, 2 votes

The vote is a tie. Reggie, Sarah, and Richard have recieved the most votes.

Sarah has drawn the short straw. The real saboteur was Reggie

The saboteur succeded and kept their identity secret

Sarah's last words: i will miss you all. (THE RIDICULOUS PEICE: after the voice says "Poor Unfortunate Sarah", sarah shouts "Shall we cut now?" to the voice)

Floor 5 = Septic Sewers

Challenge Characters = Nobody

No. of Saboteur Alerts = 4

No. of Small tanks Complete = 8/12

Big tank Complete at the End = No

Challenge Failed


Takumi: Mylene because she was too noisy.

Hannah: Mylene because i could hear noises from her tunnel.