Here are some pics of the unfortunates who I dont know yet please don't ignore, I REALLY NEED YOUR HELP! I want you to guess these unfortunates if you have seen these episodes

Either Adam, Ben or William- Series 1, either episode 4 or 13

Either Adam, Ben or William

Unfortunate 1:

Is he Adam, Ben or William?

Either Adam, Ben, Derryn, Josh, Declan or William- Series 1, either episode 4 or 13

Adam, Ben, Derryn, Declan, Josh or William

Unfortunate 2:

Is he Adam, Ben, Derryn, Declan, Josh or William?

Unfortunate 3:

Either Alex or Edwin, Series 1, Episode 11

Either Alex or Edwin

Is he Alex or Edwin?

Unfortunate 4:

Is he Fabien, Wolfgang, Alessio, Benjamin or Joseph?

Either Benjamin, Joseph, Alessio, Wolfgang or Fabian - Series 1, either Episode 3 or 7

Alessio, Fabien, Wolfgang, Benjamin or Joseph

Unfortunate 5:

Either Jack or Ross- Series 1, either episode 8 or 11

Jack or Ross

Is he Jack or Ross?

Unfortunate 6:

Either Nikica, Aimen, Bradley or Samadul- Series 1, either Episode 2 or 12

Nikica, Aimen, Bradley or Samadul

Is he Nikica, Aimen, Bradley or Samadul?

Unfortunate 7:

Ok since in series 3, episode 8 they get the first one wrong, and in series 3, episode 5, 8 and 11 they have a diffrent appearance instead of that, It should be Bryhanna and who's with her?

Is he Tom or Marcel?

Possibly Bryhanna with either Marcel or Tom - Series 3, Episode 3

Bryhanna with Either Marcel or Tom