These batch of unfortunates are from Reading.


Eddie (boy) Ed, Edd n Eddy

Debbie (girl) is from Sweden. Wait, how did she get in here?

Lee (boy) who put a wasps nest in his father's bed

Kristina (girl) who creates fake fire drills at school

Steve (boy) who goes to school on a magic carpet

Louise (girl) she has destroyed the Titans Tower

Floor 6 = The Lost Invitations

Challenge Character – The Grimble

Invitations posted : 2/6 (Found by Kristina and Debbie)

Invitations ripped : 2 (Found by The Saboteur)

Challenge failed


Eddie : Lee, because he hasn’t been encouraging us

Debbie : Lee, because he wasnt being responsible for the invitations

Lee : Eddie, because I saw him rip the invitation

Kristina : Eddie, because he took ages in the booth

Steve : Lee, because I think he wasn't fast enough

Louise : Lee, because when I was going out of the booth, he took time coming out

Lee : 4 votes, Eddie : 2 votes

Lee got the most votes. The real saboteur was Eddie.

The saboter suceeded and kept his identity secret.

Lee’s last words : “I’m really gutted that my best friend the saboteur and everyone voted for me”

Floor 5 = Webs Cavern

Challenge Characters : Frogger the Frog and his colorful frog children

No. of Frogger's colorful frog children found = 5/5

Golden Frog found = Yes

At Least 5 colorful frog children found = Yes

Challenge passed


Eddie: Louise coz I am sure she knew where the baby frogs were and she was trying to lead us away from them.

Debbie: Louise because she didnt want us to get the golden frog and when we got it she didn't celebrate and even when we found all baby frogs

Kristina: Louise because she seemed to be angry with us that we passed the game

Steve: Louise because she threw a fit in not letting us get the golden frog and the baby frogs which we did

Louise: Debbie coz she didn't help much

Louise = 4 votes, Debbie = 1 vote

Louise got the most votes. The real saboteur was Louise

The challenge passed and the saboteur spotted!

Louise's last words = yes im not happy in staying with the frogs

Floor 4 = Split Ends

Challenge Character : Split Ends

1st go : Red bow is the screamer. The team picked yellow

2nd go : Green bow is the screamer. The team picked green

3rd go : Yellow bow is the screamer. The team picked yellow

4th go : Yellow bow is the screamer. The team picked green

5th go : Red bow is the screamer. The team picked red

Right guesses : 2/3, Wrong guesses : 3/3

Challenge failed


Eddie : Kristina, because when we made a decision, she was just like thinking about agreeing or disagreeing with us

Debbie : Kristina, because she kept saying the same colour all the time

Steve : Kristina, because she kept trying to persuade us

Kristina : Steve, because he didn’t say anything during the task

Kristina : 3 votes, Steve : 1 vote

Kristina got the most votes.The real saboteur was Steve.

The saboteur succeeded and kept his identity secret.

Kristina’s last words : “Im gonna miss spending time with my friends and family. Goodbye” (Split Ends screams)

Phone caller : Some person that doesn't know the address to The Tower

Floor 3 = Millicent and the Moths

Challenge Character : Millicent

No. of saboteur alerts : 3

All lights off at end : Yes

Challenge passed


Eddie : Debbie, because she wasn’t really saying that much

Debbie : Steve, because he turned one on, then back off

Steve : Debbie, because whichever wardrobe she was in, the door would always slam

Debbie : 2 votes, Steve : 1 votes

Debbie got the most votes. The real saboteur was Eddie

Although Eddie was undetected, he failed to sabotage the challenge.

Eddie’s last words : “I cant believe im stuck here with those disgusting moths”

Floor 2 = Fight for Freedom (One way out and there can only be One Winner)

The Caretaker said "This is it, I'm so excited, I could strangle a maggot"

On which floor did you play The Lost Invitations?

Six (Debbie said I dunno)

Name 2 colors of the frog children

(Steve said purple and blue e.g.)

Who was trapped in Split Ends?

Kristina (Debbie said Steve)

Who helped the saboteur switch on the lights on Floor Three?

Millicent (Steve said the correct answer)

Steve answered 2 questions correctly

Debbie answered no questions correctly

Steve won his freedom and Debbie is trapped

Steve said: Bye I'll miss you