These unfortunates are from Weymouth.

Unfortunates :

Nina (girl) whose favorite food is her blanket

Robert (boy) he works as a spit collector

Julia (girl) is a squid

Kenny (boy) he spends his time on a psp slaying zombies all day for a living

Sophia (girl) who is addicted to sugary candy

David (boy) he's got tattoos all over his body

Floor 6 = Mutternot's Tales

Challenge Character : Miss Mutternot the Tower Librarian

No. of Blackouts : 3

All books tidied up at end : No

Challenge failed


Nina : Sophia, because she kept shoving the books over

Robert : Nina, because she didn't want to help out

Julia : Nina, because I heard the books fall next to her

Kenny : Nina, because I think I saw her shove down the books

Sophia : Julia, she had books that had fallen over to her

David : Nina, because when the power cuts came on, she kept on moving positions

Nina : 4 votes, Julia : 1 vote, Sophia: 1 vote

Nina got the most votes. The real saboteur was Nina

Although The Saboteur ruined the game, She got spotted!

Nina’s last words : “I'm gonna miss having playdates with my friends.”

Floor 5 = The Frozen Princess

Challenge Character : The Princess

Password : “frozen”

No. of times screamed : 5

No. of flowers placed in hands at end : 5/5

Challenge passed


Robert : Kenny, because every time we went to pick a flower he would say a word and the princess woke up and screamed

Julia : Kenny, because he took control of the game and he refused to celebrate that we won

Kenny : Sophia, because she was trying to control us and make us choose a different flower

Sophia : Kenny, because he was always bossy with us and then blamed me for making the team pass

David : Kenny, because he kept trying to change our minds and go with his ideas

Kenny : 4 votes, Sophia : 1 vote

Kenny got the most votes. The real saboteur was Kenny.

The challenge passed and the saboteur spotted.

Kenny’s last words : “I gave my best shot but then they found out it was me now ill never go skateboarding, do any activities and sports or play handball ever again and ill miss everyone that I know goodbye guys”

Floor 4 = The Wolf and the Nut

Challenge Characters : The Wolf, Scarlett The Wolf Hunter

Unlucky Unfortunate: Sophia

1st Go: The wolf is in the middle. The team picked middle

2nd Go: The wolf is in the bottom. The team picked bottom

3rd Go: The wolf is in the top. The team picked middle

4th Go: The wolf is in the top again. The team picked top.

Right guesses : 1/3, Wrong guesses : 3/3

Challenge failed


Robert : Julia, because she made us get the wolf.

Julia : David, because he was very quiet

Sophia : Julia, because she was playing against us

David : Julia, she took control of the game

Julia : 3 votes, David : 1 vote

Julia got the most votes. The Real Saboteur was Julia

Although The Saboteur ruined the game, She got spotted!

Julia's Last Words = Oh Great, Now I will never be able to watch tv, watch movies or ride my bike now that im stuck here and the wolf will come and eat me

Phone caller : Miss Mutternot

Floor 3 = Extinction

Challenge Characters: The Poachers, The Jungle Animals

No. of saboteur alerts : 5

No. of Animals shot by the poachers = 6/8

No. Animals safe = 2/8

All animals back in their pen at end : No

Challenge Failed


Robert: Sophia because she was near the poachers

Sophia: Robert as he seemed to be quiet

David: Sophia because she left the animals to be dead

Sophia: 2 votes, Robert: 1 vote

Sophia got the most votes. The real saboteur was David

The saboteur suceeded and didnt get a single vote

Sophia's Last Words: Im upset I wont be able to play with my toys, play on the computer or play videogames but at least the most important thing is I had fun and I got this far.

Floor 2 = Fight for Freedom

The Caretaker said "This is it, I'm so excited, I could vomit hearts and stars"

Where did Sophia first find the wolf on Floor 4, top, middle or bottom?

Middle (Robert said “all of them”)

What colour is the tiara worn by the frozen princess?

Gold (David said the correct answer)

Who got the most votes on Floor 3?

Sophia (Robert said the correct answer)

Who was the second unfortunate to leave the cage when you went to the Tower?

Robert (David said the correct answer)

Who was the first person to place a flower in the frozen Princess’ hands?

Julia (Robert said nothing at all)

David answered 2 question correctly

Robert answered 1 question correctly

David won his freedom and Robert is trapped

David said: I won I won I won!