These unfortunates are from Oxford.

Unfortunates :

Rachel (girl) who can see fairies

Jerry (boy) he was supposed to going to be on Skatoony! Gutted!

Misty (girl) who is a super strong young girl

Timmy (boy) he has a magic lamp and takes it with him wherever he goes everyday

Jess (girl) she can control and maintain plants

Mark (boy) he owns a baby triceratops as a pet

Floor 6 = Cupcake Mania

Challenge Characters : Goldie, Share Bear, Wonderheart Bear, the Care Bears and The Goblins

No. of Cupcakes Delivered = 3/5

5 Delivered Cupcakes Complete = No

Challenge failed


Rachel: Mark, because he slipped on a carpet and let the goblins have the cupcake instead of the Care Bears

Jerry: Mark, Because every time he would always deliver a cupcake to an incorrect care bear.

Misty: Jerry, because he was slow and he wasnt able to keep up with us.

Timmy: Mark, because he blamed me for not hurrying up.

Jess: Timmy, because he bumped into me and made my cupcake fall down and let the goblins eat it

Mark: Jerry, Because he didnt seem to care that the goblins ate the cupcakes.

Mark: 3 votes, Jerry: 2 votes, Timmy: 1 vote

Mark got the most votes. The real saboteur was Rachel.

The saboteur succeeded and kept her identity secret

Mark's last words: I can't believe this, but its a good thing that Goldie, Share Bear and Wonderheart Bear make such good cupcakes at least.

Floor 5 = Dress n' Chocolate Mayhem

Challenge Character : Cinderella Tremaine

Dress : a pink ballgown, silver glass slippers with some beautiful jewellery = 45 chocolates to be made

No. of chocolates made for Cinderella's wish to come true : 20/45

Cinderella's Wish (To go to the ball) Complete at the End = No

Challenge failed


Rachel: Timmy, because he was not helping.

Jerry: Timmy, because he gave us a beautiful ballgown but a very demanding recipe

Misty: Timmy, Because he was very angry when we lost.

Timmy: Misty, because she was too slow in making the chocolates.

Jess: Timmy, because he ruined the game by giving us too much chocolates to make all because of a beautiful pink ballgown.

Timmy: 4 votes, Misty: 1 vote

Timmy got the most votes. The real saboteur was Timmy.

Although The Saboteur ruined the game, He got spotted!

Timmy's Last Words: Oh well, At least I have Cinderella for company but about the chocolates, I'm Lactose Intolerant. What do I do? 

Floor 4 = The Wolf and The Nut

Challenge Characters : Scarlet The Wolf Hunter, The child-eating wolf

Unfortunate putting the hand under the bed: Misty

1st Go : Wolf is in the top. The team picked bottom

2nd Go: Wolf is in the bottom. The team picked middle

3rd Go: Wolf is in the middle. The team picked middle

4th Go: Wolf is in the bottom. The team picked bottom

5th Go: Wolf is in the middle. The team picked top

Right Guesses : 3/3, Wrong Guesses : 2/3

Challenge passed


Rachel : Jerry, because every time he'd would say one thing, Misty would back them up 100% and it would be the wrong one

Jerry : Jess, because whenever I said an answer, she’d always look at Misty and then me to be sure.

Misty : Jerry, because he didn't celebrate much as we did.

Jess : Jerry, because he didn’t say a lot and he only picked one

Jerry : 3 votes, Jess : 1 vote

Jerry got the most votes. The real saboteur was Misty.

Although Misty was undetected, she failed to sabotage the challenge.

Misty’s last words : Oh well I guess I tried my hardest, But I had fun anyways

Phone caller : Cinderella Tremaine

Floor 3 = Arthur's Magic Adventure

Challenge Characters : Arthur Wart, Merlin, Archimedes the owl and Madam Mim

No. obsticles Arthur bumped into: 3/3

Potions obtained at the end : 2/3

Challenge failed


Rachel: Jess, because she didn't work with us much.

Jerry: Rachel, because she said the directions too late.

Jess: Rachel, because she said to move away from the obsticles too late

Rachel: 2 votes, Jess: 1 vote

Rachel got the most votes. The real saboteur was Jess.

The saboteur succeeded & kept her identity secret

Rachel's last words: yes, I'm going to miss going to ballet dance class!

Floor 2 = Fight for Freedom

The Caretaker said "This is it, I'm so excited, I could hug a honeybear"

What was the name of the girl responsible for the cupcakes with the carebears? 

Goldie (Jerry said nothing at all)

What color was Scarlett's dress?

Red (Jess said the correct answer)

What flavors were Cinderella Tremaine's chocolates?

Strawberry and Chocolate (Jerry said the correct answer)

What was Arthur trying to collect on his adventure?

Magic Potions (Jess said the correct answer)

Jess answered 3 questions correctly

Jerry answered 1 question correctly

Jess won her freedom & Jerry is trapped!

Jess said: Yay I did it!