These unfortunates are from Bromley

Unfortunates :

Trevor (boy) has japanese tattoos

Melissa (girl) has eaten up the planet

Emmanuel (boy) is from Germany, How did he get in there?

Bethany (girl) is korean beautician

Chester (boy) he does backflips under the bed

Leona (girl) thinks weed are something that fish smoke

Floor 6 = Mutternot's Tales

Challenge Character : Miss Mutternot the Tower Librarian

No. of Blackouts : 3

All books tidied up at end : No

Challenge failed


Trevor : Leona, because she dropped all the books

Melissa : Leona, because every time she didn't bother to help us

Emmanuel : Leona, because she was very quiet

Bethany : Melissa, because she wanted to work on her own

Chester : Melissa, she had a lots of books falling down

Leona : Melissa, because when the power cuts came on, she was changing positions

Melissa : 3 votes, Leona : 3 votes

The Vote Is a Tie. Melissa and Leona Have Got the Most Votes.

Melissa has drawn the short straw. The Real Saboteur Was Melissa.

The saboteur succeeded but the draw straws have spoken.

Melissa’s last words : “I'll just stay here reading books”

Floor 5 = The Frozen Princess

Challenge Character : The Princess

Password : “wakeup”

No. of times screamed : 2

No. of flowers placed in hands at end : 0/5

Challenge failed


Trevor : Emmanuel, because he didnt want to put the flowers in the princess's hands

Emmanuel : Trevor, because he thinks it's me!

Bethany:  Emmanuel, because he took control of the game

Chester : Emmanuel, because he blamed me for waking the princess but it wasn't me

Leona : Emmanuel, because he was the one who woke up the princess

Emmanuel : 4 votes, Trevor : 1 vote

Emmanuel got the most votes. The real saboteur was Emmanuel

Although The Saboteur ruined the game, he got spotted!

Emmanuel’s last words : “I will have to say goodbye to my friends and family goodbye”

Floor 4 = The Wolf and the Nut

Challenge Characters : The Wolf, Scarlett The Wolf Hunter

Unlucky Unfortunate: Bethany

1st Go : Wolf is in the bottom. The team picked middle

2nd Go: Wolf is in the top. The team picked bottom

3rd Go: Wolf is in the bottom. The team picked bottom

4th Go: Wolf is in the top. The team picked top

5th Go: Wolf is in the middle. The team picked bottom

Right Guesses : 3/3, Wrong Guesses : 2/3

Challenged passed


Trevor : Leona, because she was the one who started the arguements

Bethany : Leona, she took control of the game

Chester : Leona, because she kept on being aggressive when choosing a different mattress

Leona : Chester, because he didnt help us much

Leona : 3 votes, Chester : 1 vote

Leona got the most votes. The real saboteur was Leona.

Double trouble. The challenge passed and the saboteur spotted

Leona’s last words : “I dont mind being trapped at least I got Scarlet.”

Phone caller : Mr. Mrs. Wotsit

Floor 3 = Extinction

Challenge Characters: The Poachers, The Jungle Animals

No. of saboteur alerts : 6

No. of Animals shot by the poachers = 6/8

No. Animals safe = 2/8

All animals back in their pen at end : No

Challenge Failed


Trevor: Bethany because she didn't do anything

Bethany: Trevor because he lead us the the hunters

Chester: Bethany because she was shouting from her box

Bethany: 2 votes, Chester: 1 vote

Bethany got the most votes. The real saboteur was Chester

The saboteur suceeded and didnt get a single vote

Bethany's Last Words: i wish the best of luck to the boys

Floor 2 = Fight for Freedom

The Caretaker said "This is it, I'm so excited, I could do the harlem shake"

Where did you first find the wolf on Floor 4, top, middle or bottom?

Bottom (Trevor said “top”)

What colour is the tiara worn by the frozen princess?

Gold (Chester said the correct answer)

Who got the most votes on Floor 5?

Emmanuel (Trevor said the correct answer)

Who was the second unfortunate to leave the cage when you went to the Tower?

Melissa (Chester said the correct answer)

Who was the first person to place a flower in the frozen Princess’ hands?

Leona (Trevor said Bethany)

Chester answered 2 questions correctly

Trevor answered 1 question correctly

Chester has won his freedom and Trevor is trapped

Chester said: Oh Yes I won!