These batch of unfortunates are from Sunderland.


Cody (boy) who has a pet eagle he rescued from a hunter.

Clara (girl) whose boyfriend is the nutcracker.

Denzel (boy) is from New York, USA. Hang on, how did he get in here?

Ivy (girl) who used to be vines of plants.

Jonathan (boy) who picks up teeth using a toothpick.

Pippa (girl) she's born with pips from a fruit with pips.

Floor 6 = Cupcake Mania

Challenge Characters : Goldie, Share Bear, Wonderheart Bear, the Care Bears and The Goblins

No. of Cupcakes Delivered = 1/5

5 Delivered Cupcakes Complete = No

Challenge failed


Cody: Ivy, because she fell down and let the goblins eat the cupcake

Clara: Denzel, Because he is all the time giving the cupcakes to the goblins.

Denzel: Ivy, because I regularly see her deliver a mismatched cupcake to the wrong carebear

Ivy: Denzel, because he was always falling down

Jonathan: Ivy, because she let the goblins win and not the carebears

Pippa: Denzel, Because was very quiet and he never even helped us

Denzel: 3 votes, Ivy: 3 votes

The Vote Is a Tie. Denzel and Ivy Have Got the Most Votes.

Ivy has drawn the short straw. The Real Saboteur Was Denzel.

The saboteur succeeded and he was safe from the draw straws.

Ivy's last words = I'm fine since I'll eat as many cupcakes as long as I live

Challenge Character : Cinderella Tremaine

Dress : a blue and gold ballgown, blue glass slippers with some gold jewellery = 55 chocolates to be made

No. of chocolates made for Cinderella's wish to come true : 15/55

Cinderella's Wish (To go to the ball) Complete at the End = No

Challenge failed


Cody: Jonathan, because he was not helping us make the chocolates.

Clara: Jonathan, because he chose a dress which costs alot of time

Denzel: Clara, Because she looked tired and that was why she refused to help

Jonathan: Cody, because he was wasn't saying much throughout gamethrough.

Pippa: Denzel, because he took control of the game

Jonathan : 2 votes, Cody : 1 vote, Clara : 1 vote, Denzel : 1 vote

Jonathan got the most votes. The real saboteur was Cody.

The saboteur succeeded and kept his identity secret

Jonathan’s last words  = Gutted as I will never watch my favorite cartoons again.

Floor 4 = The Wolf and The Nut

Challenge Characters : Scarlet The Wolf Hunter, The child-eating wolf

Unfortunate putting the hand under the bed: Clara

1st Go : Wolf is in the bottom. The team picked bottom

2nd Go: Wolf is in the top. The team picked top

3rd Go: Wolf is in the middle. The team picked top

4th Go: Wolf is in the middle again. The team picked middle

Right Guesses : 1/3, Wrong Guesses : 3/3

Challenge failed


Cody : Denzel, because took contol of the game.

Clara : Denzel, because he lead me to the wrong ones

Denzel : Cody, because he wasnt happy when we got at least one right

Pippa : Denzel, because he gave us the ones of the wolf

Denzel : 3 votes, Cody : 1 vote

Denzel got the most votes. The real saboteur was Pippa.

The saboteur succeeded & kept his identity secret

Denzel’s last words : I fine now that I got this far.

Phone caller : Unknown

Floor 3 = Arthur's Magic Adventure

Challenge Characters : Arthur Wart, Merlin, Archimedes the owl and Madam Mim

No. obsticles Arthur bumped into: 3/3

Potions obtained at the end : 2/3

Challenge failed


Cody: Clara, because she made us bump into the obsticles

Clara: Cody, because he wasn't helping us

Pippa: Clara, because she took control of the game

Clara: 2 votes, Cody: 1 vote

Clara got the most votes. The real saboteur was Clara.

Although The Saboteur ruined the game, She got spotted!

Clara's last words = Maybe I shouldn't have been so forceful with the team

Floor 2 = Fight for Freedom

The Caretaker said "This is it, I'm so excited, I could do a nyan cat impression"

On Floor 3, Name a potion arthur used?

(Cody said flying potion e.g.)

Which creatures did you have to avoid to give cupcakes to the carebears?

Goblins (Pippa said the correct answer)

What was the surname of the Cinderella in Floor 5?

Tremaine (Cody said nothing at all)

What was the name of the wolf hunter in The Wolf and The Nut?

Scarlet (Pippa said the correct answer)

How many times did Arthur bump into an obsticle?

3 (Cody said 2)

Pippa answered 2 questions correctly

Cody answered 1 question correctly

Pippa won her freedom & Cody is trapped!

Pippa said: I cant believe I won!