I found a TRAPPED CBBC soundtrack

Help me find te unknown music belogs to

0:00 Opening Titles

0:35 The Caretaker

1:26 The Law of the Tower (S2-Ever After) (Goblet of Ice (S2-3)/Septic Sewers/Camp Fear/Poisoned Hollows)

3:36 To Show You How It's Done (Wiley Sneak)

4:34 To Show You How It's Done (Ever After)

5:20 It's Time to Pick the Saboteur (Law of the Tower S1, Recap of Who is Trapped (Ever After))

6:10 You Must Now Vote

7:08 ??? (Labeled as Fear Game on Soundcloud)

8:44 Spooked/Fairy Trials/The Wolf and the Nut

10:19 Freaky Factory/Sleep Creepers/Poisoned Harvest

11:55 Feed Me Lies

13:32 ???

15:05 Beware the Crowman/The Frozen Princess/Scallywag Wood

16:41 Exploding Toad in the Hole

18:17 Deadly Medley/Horror Heads

19:54 Witch's Brew

21:31 One-Eyed Watcher/The Midnight Bride

23:49 Millicent and the Moths

25:22 Scallywag Transformation

25:40 Sneakies (To Show You How It's Done Alternate)

26:56 Wrong Choice Sting x3

27:06 Extraction/Split Ends/A Child for Tea (S4 E11)/Fight for Freedom (Ever After)

31:13 You Have Won your Freedom

31:22 End Credits Widow/Wall of Sorrow/Body Shock/Giant Appetite/Mutternott's Tales/Botherer Blocks/The Lost Invitations/Forbidden Chambers