The Unfortunates here were from Rochester. There was:

Philip (boy) licks his fingers for last night's dinner.

Veronica (girl) invented the waltz

Charlie (boy) who is the only person that eats their hair.

Andrea (girl) her best friend is a promise.

Stephen (boy) is my cousin... NOT

Sandra (girl) can't see past her boyfriend's head.

Floor 6: Goblet of Ice

Aim of Game: To fill the goblet with ice by the end of 90 seconds.

Sabotage notices: tip the goblet by stepping off the ice steps.

No. Of slips: 4 (2 by Veronica and 2 by Charlie)

Goblet full at the end of 90 seconds: No.

Challenge Failed .


Philip: I think it was Stephen because he was always spilling snow.

Veronica: I reckon it was  Charlie because I saw him slip.

Charlie : I think it might be Veronica cos she also slipped.

Andrea : I think it was Philip because he said once or twice nobody's slipping!

Stephen : I think the saboteur was Charlie cos he slipped 3 times.

Sandra : I think it was Andrea cos I heard her muttering.

Philip: 1 vote.   Veronica: 1 vote.   Charlie: 2 votes.  Andrea: 1 vote.   Stephen: 1 vote.         The team after close votes voted for Charlie. The saboteurs was actually..... Andrea! She only got 1 vote, and it was from the person who didn't get a vote (Sandra). Charlie is Strapped on Floor 6 in Goblet of Ice.

Floor 5: Fairy Trials.

Aim of Game: To blow up bad fairies and release the good ones.

Note of Sabotage: Bad Fairies are smiling. The saboteurs wants the team to release these fairies and blow up the others.

Unfortunate putting boxes into the Exterminater: Sandra

Unfortunate pulling the Good/Bad Lever: Philip.

1st try: A tall, dark skinned angry looking fairy. It is a good fairy. The team blew up the good fairy.

2nd try: A small, red headed fairy with gloves that is smiling. It is a bad fairy. The team release the bad fairy.

3rd try: Another small fairy with black hair, gloves and a pout. It is a good fairy. The team release the Good fairy.

4th try: A large fairy with white hair and a grimacing smile. It is a bad fairy. The team release the bad fairy.

Wrong tries 3/3.   Right tries 1/3

Challenge Failed.


Philip: I think it was Sandra because she looked happy that we failed.

Veronica: I also think it was Sandra cos she was always adjusting her whisperclip guilty looking.

Andrea:  I think it could be Stephen because he looked guilty.

Stephen: Andrea because she was really quiet.

Sandra: I also think it was Andrea because she didn't seem to be aware of what was going on.

Andrea: 2 votes.     Stephen: 1 vote.     Sandra: 1 vote. The vote is a tie between Andrea and Sandra. Sandra drew the shirt straw. The saboteurs was....... Sandra! She sabotaged the challenge, but the draw straws had spoken. Sandra is trapped on Floor 5 in Fairy Trials.

Floor 4: Two Faced Liar

Aim of game: Answer three True/False questions correctly.

Nite of Sabotage: the saboteurs tries to persuade the team to get the questions wrong.

1st question:  Ronald Dahl created his own words. It is True. The team said true.

2nd question: Nintendo Wii came out in 2009. It is False. The team said true.

3rd question: Cricket bats and aspiring have nothing in common. It is false. The team said true.

4th question: Only female bees sting. It is True. The team said false.

Wrong answer: 3/3.         Right answer:1/3

Challenge Failed.


Philip: I think it was Andrea because she was really quiet.

Veronica: Stephen because it is him.

Andrea: I reckon it was Philip because he chose all the wrong answers.

Stephen: I also think it was Philip because he was very aggressive.

Philip: 2 votes.    Andrea: 1 vote.    Stephen: 1 vote.   Philip hot the most votes. The saboteurs was......... Stephen! Philip is Trapped on Floor r in Two Faced Liar.

Floor 3: Forbidden Chambers.

Aim of game: To stack at least two of four towers of the same colour of the same room colour.

No. Of crate towers stacked correctly: 0/2

Challenge Failed.


Veronica: I say it was Andrea because she said she was in the purple room when I was.

Andrea: I think it was Veronica because she kept going between rooms.

Stephen: I think it was Andrea because she was trapping me in a room all the time.

Veronica: 1 vote.     Andrea: 2 votes.    Andrea go the most votes. The saboteurs was in fact............. Veronica. Andrea is trapped on Floor 3 in Forbidden Chambers.

Floor 2: The Fight for Freedom

Caretaker says:  "I'm so excited, I could smash up the place."

How many times did the goblet tip on Floor 6?

4 times. (Veronica said 3 )

Who was the saboteurs on Floor 4?

Stephen. (Stephen said Philip.)

How many fairies were seen on Floor 5?

4. (Veronica said the correct answer)

What was the challenge on Floor 3 called?

Forbidden Chambers. (Stephen said the correct answer)

On what Floor did you see Madame Deux Visage?

Floor 4. (Veronica said the correct answer)

Name an Unfortunate that got a vote on Floor 6.

Philip,Veronica,Charlie,Andrea and Stephen. (Stephen said the correct answer).

How many floors are in the tower?

5. (Veronica said the right answer)

Which Unfortunates drew straws on Floor 5?

Sandra and Andrea. (Stephen didn't get time to answer.)


Questions asked:8.

Veronica got 3 points.

Stephen got 2 points.

The Floor 3 saboteur escaped and the Floor 4 saboteurs is Trapped on Floor 2.