Series 5ep 1 Unfortunates:

Kelly:(She loves intergalactic warts)

Sebastian:(He has a pet ape)

Lily:(Is a flower)

Toby:(He had a jumbleberry milkshake yesterday)

Millie:(Won the Olympics in 1954)

Sammie:(Has an illness called never to school it-is)

Floor 6: In time for Dinner

Challenge character: the eight fussy guests

Food in the correct places at the end of two minutes: 7/8

The right types of food on all the correct plates: 5/8

Challenge failed


Kelly: Sammie, because he wasn't joining in very much.

Sebastian: I agree, because when I spun around, I saw he put a wrong ingredient on the dish.

Lily: Toby, because he kept spilling the baked beans on the floor.

Toby: Sammie, because he was being all suspicious.

Millie: Sammie, because he put the plate in the wrong place.

Sammie: Toby, because he put the meat on Miss Muffle's plate.

Sammie: 4 votes Toby: 2 votes

Sammie has received the most votes. The real saboteur was Toby.

The saboteur succeeded and kept his identity secret.

The voice asked Sammie "why do you think the others voted for you".

He answered "because I kept making very clumsy mistakes".

Floor Five: The perished Photographer

Challenge character: Miss Snuffles

Bad cameras: Cameras with green on them

1st go: a small purple camera with a blue rim and a pink lens (not a bad camera)

2nd go: a big green camera with silver perimeter and white lens (a bad camera)

3rd go: a small white camera with pink outside and blue lens (not a bad camera)

4th go: a small pink camera with purple area and green lens (a bad camera)

5th go: a big brown camera with white around and a silver lens (not a bad camera)

Right guesses (3/3) Wrong guesses (2/3)

Challenge passed


Kelly: Lily, because she picked the bad ones herself.

Sebastian: Kelly, because she didn't celebrate when we passed.

Lily: Toby, because he never agreed on our decisions.

Toby: Millie, because she kept saying to pick a certain colour.

Millie: Kelly, because she told us all the good ones were wrong.

Kelly: 2 votes Lily: 1 vote Millie: 1 vote Toby: 1 vote

Kelly has received the most votes. The real saboteur was Lily.

Although the saboteur was undetected, she failed to sabotage the challenge.

The voice asked Lily, "how do you feel about being trapped".

Lily answered, "I will miss being educated and reading my comics and books.

Floor Four: The Librarian and the ball

Challenge character: Miss Mutternot, the tower Librarian

1st go: the lion is in the top, the team picked top

2nd go: the lion is in the bottom, the team picked middle

3rd go: the lion is in the bottom, the team picked middle

4th go: the lion is in the top, the team picked bottom

Right guesses (3/3) Wrong guesses (1/3)

Challenge passed


Kelly: Toby, because he kept saying different things to us.

Sebastian: Kelly, because she wasn't happy when we got one right.

Toby: Sebastian, because he always sighed when he was disagreeing with the team.

Millie: Sebastian, because he was shaking all the way through this challenge.

Sebastian: 2 votes Kelly: 1 vote Toby: 1 vote

Sebastian has received the most votes. The real saboteur was Sebastian.

The challenge passed and the saboteur spotted.

The voice asked Sebastian "how do you think you were detected".

Sebastian answered "I was too forceful with my persuasion and made silly reactions".

Floor three: Grave robbers

Challenge character: The funeral man

1st go: Mr Ed Shwine's grave is red, the team picked blue

2nd go: Mr Mark Alistar's grave is green, the team picked green

3rd go: Mr Ben Tamm's grave is red, the team picked red

Right guesses (2/2) Wrong guesses (1/2)

Challenge passed


Kelly: Millie, because I saw her pointing at a wrong grave.

Toby: Kelly, because she looked away when we picked the right graves.

Millie: Kelly, because she was being really bossy and taking control of the team.

Kelly: 2 votes Millie: 1 votes

Kelly has received the most votes. The real saboteur was Millie.

Although the saboteur wasn't spotted, she failed miserably to do her job.

The voice asked Millie, "how do you feel about being trapped".

Millie answered, "I will miss my family"

Floor Two: One way out and there can only be one winner

The Caretaker said he was so excited he could explode into green slime

What number was on the Perished Photographer walls? 5(Kelly said 4)

How long was In time for dinner played for? 2 minutes(Toby said the correct answer)

How many times did you find the lion on floor four? 1 times(Kelly said the correct answer)

What character did you meet on floor five? Miss Snuffels(Toby said Miss Camera)

Who is trapped on floor six? Sammie(Kelly said the correct answer)

Who's name was announced first in Grave robbers? Mr Ed Shrine(Toby said ben)

How many cameras could you choose from in the Perished Photographer? 13(Kelly said 17)

Name an item of food you could've picked in In time for dinner? Fried Eggs, Baked Beans e.g(Toby said Beans, which is correct)

Which floor did Kelly receive the most votes? Floor five and three(Kelly said the correct answer)

Was The librarian and the lion a floor? No(Toby said yes)

Which was the last colour grave you picked on floor three? Red(Kelly said the correct answer)

Time's up!

11 questions were given

Kelly answered 4 questions correctly

Toby answered 2 questions correctly

Kelly won her freedom and Toby is Trapped, In the tower!