Floor 6

Black WidowEdit

Picking up spider eggs but can't do nothing else.

Toxic TreatsEdit

Open a good or bad present but nothing else.

Wall of SorrowEdit

Build or destroy the wall but nothing else.

Goblet of IceEdit

Fill the Goblet or will eventually freeze and shiver to death.

Body ShockEdit

Build the body or give a body piece to the Botherers after releasing them.

Poisoned HarvestEdit

Eat a red Berry or pick more but avoid eating purple berries.

Giant AppetiteEdit

Maybe eat a snack or sit in the hiding spot but nothing else

(Ever After)Edit

Mutternot's TalesEdit

Become bored, or clean up the library and or read a book

Botherer BlocksEdit

Play with the the different toys and the Baby Botherer or stay in the pen

The Lost InvitationsEdit

Sweep up the mess or play with the Grimble, or pick up invitations or parcels

Floor 5

Feed Me LiesEdit

Feed the Phyllis and Madge seeds, or engage in conversation with them.

Freaky FactoryEdit

Put eggs in the boxes or throw eggs all over the room but that's all.

Deadly MedleyEdit

Give Boris words to play out, or try talking to him.

Septic SewersEdit

Complete the drain, or roll around on the cart.


Read a book or talk with Miss Mutternot.

Fairy TrialsEdit

Blow up and release fairies, or have fun pulling the switch.

Beware The CrowmanEdit

Blow out a Pumpkin but Beware The Crowman (mahawwwww)

(Ever After)Edit

The Frozen PrincessEdit

Place flowers in her hand or walk around when you're bored

The Midnight BrideEdit

Sit on a chair and pick up cake,flowers or read the Vicar marriage book. You could also talk to the Marriage Man.

Poisoned HollowsEdit

Play with a poison apple or play in a cart inside the hollows

Floor 4

Snake AttackEdit

Presumably get eaten by the Child Eating Python.

Witches BrewEdit

Help Ethel make a potion.

Exploding Toad in the HoleEdit

Find more Toads or the rest of the Caretakers lunch.

Horror HeadsEdit

Play with the evil toys and try get the ball to the other side.

Green FingersEdit

Find more Magic Bulbs.

Two Faced LiarEdit

Talk with Madame Deux Visage.

(Ever After)Edit

The Wolf and The NutEdit

Find more Scrumble Nuts or play with Scarlet and or sleep in the bed, but watch out for the wolf.

Split EndsEdit

Play with her hair or look in the mirror.

Floor 3

Wicked WardrobesEdit

Turn the lights on, play the gramophone and hide in a wardrobe

Poisoned BanquetEdit

Eat the food on the banquet table.

Sleep CreepersEdit

Sleep in the beds and or set up the alarm clocks


Pull out a healthy or rotten tooth from the wolf nothing else really

One Eyed WatcherEdit

Point where the eye in the cup is or go outside of the tent.

Camp FearEdit

Take out and or build the fire, hide in the tents.

Forbidden ChambersEdit

Complete the rest of the chambers.

(Ever After)Edit

A Child For TeaEdit

Likely get eaten by Granny after she fattens you up enough.

Scallywag WoodEdit

Play with the animals or pet a chicken, likely get changed into an animal after a while.

Millecent and The MothsEdit

Play with the lights like Millicent.