Toxic Treats is a mental Floor 6 challenge introduced in Series 1.

The Caretaker's Explanation of the Game Edit

In this challenge, the Unfortunates will have to pick parcels from a pile of presents. Some contain lovely treats, whilst others contain something toxic. Unfortunates must open three lovely presents to pass the challenge, but if they open three presents full of stink, they'll fail!

Layout Edit

The layout for this room is themed around Christmas. The room has green walls with peeling wallpaper and a large purple 6 on the centre wall. On both sides of the centre wall, there are two large Christmas trees, each adorned with purple and green bauble decorations. There is also a slightly smaller tree next to the bigger right tree. Paying further attention to the rooms right there is a pile of presents of different shapes, designs and also colours. These presents have signs on them which usually read suggestions such as "Pick Me!" "Maybe" or "Stay Away!" etc. At the centre is a table covered in a purple cloth where the Unfortunates open the presents.

Gameplay Edit

The game itself is rather straightforward. The Unfortunates merely need to negotiate among themselves on what presents they should pick on each go. One of the Unfortunates, each one taking it in turns, shall then go up and pick the chosen present up and bring it to the table. Once this is done, they shall proceed to open it and will discover whether its good or bad. Good presents release a burst of confetti which showers the room. Bad presents will instead (as the name suggests) release something toxic, this being a loud farting sound effect and big bright red light. At the start of the challenge, The Voice will tell the Saboteur what makes a present toxic (usually denoted by colour) and generally tries to help the Saboteur to get the team to pick these while also telling them how to look free of guilt.

Saboteurs and Unfortunates Trapped Edit

  • Series 1, Episode 2 (Willesden) - The Saboteur was Montell. In it, the white presents were toxic. Montell ruined the game, but was detected for being too forceful with his decisions.
  • Series 1, Episode 6 (Edinburgh) - The Saboteur was Tom. In it, the purple presents were toxic. Tom ruined the game, but was detected for being too obvious.
  • Series 1, Episode 9 (Cardiff) - The Saboteur was Ben. In it, the green presents were toxic. Ben ruined the game and got away with it, not even getting a single vote. Rhys received 4 votes as Saboteur and got trapped. Ben was later chosen as Saboteur again on Floor 3 and got trapped on said floor.
  • Series 1, Episode 12 (Bow) - The Saboteur was Marie. In it, the purple presents were toxic again. Marie ruined the game, but was detected for being too obvious with her choice on the last present.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the only mental challenge to be played on Floor 6.
  • The Caretaker in one episode receives a Toxic Treats present for his birthday. This present turns out to have nothing inside it, but the Caretaker thinks its a hat.
  • In all its appearances, toxic presents were all based on colour.
  • Rhys was the only Unfortunate trapped that was not the Saboteur. Everyone else trapped (Montell, Tom and Marie) were all saboteurs.
  • This challenge is similar to Exploding Toad in the Hole based on the fact both challenges have signs which may affect the choices the Unfortunates make in the challenge.
  • After when Tom was questioned about being trapped, he told The Voice (In a slightly cheerful way) to "Get lost!" much to Caretaker's shock and confusion.
  • Ben is the only saboteur in Toxic Treats who sabotaged the challenge and remained undetected.
  • Marie is the only female unfortunate to be trapped in Toxic Treats. She is also the only female Saboteur.