Spooked is a mental Floor 5 challenge introduced in Series 2.

The Caretaker's Explanation of the Game Edit

This is the Tower Library, and that is Miss Mutternot, the bad-tempered librarian. To pass this challenge, Unfortunates must find three safe books and hand them to the librarian. But beware, Miss Mutternot has an awful temper! If they pick three spooked books, they will fail!

Layout Edit

The room is in the form of a library, with a large 5 on the wall, and several shelves filled with books around each part of the room. In the middle is a desk where Miss Mutternot stands.

Challenge Character Edit

The resident challenge character is Miss Mutternot, a spooky librarian. According to The Caretaker, she has a bad temper, and tends to scream. When the Unfortunates hand Miss Mutternot a safe book, she will sway her arms and the book will land in a basket, but if they hand her a spooked book, Miss Mutternot will scream and the book will fall through a hatch on her desk. Miss Mutternot also appeared in Trapped! Ever After, in the Floor 6 challenge "Mutternot's Tales". She is played by Helen Evans.

Gameplay Edit

The five Unfortunates have to work together on deciding a book to hand to Miss Mutternot. In order to pass the challenge, they must hand three safe books to Miss Mutternot, but if they choose three spooked books, the challenge will be failed. At the start of the challenge, The Voice tells the Saboteur which characteristic the spooked books will have.

Saboteurs and Unfortunates Trapped Edit

  • Series 2, Episode 3 (Norwich) - The Saboteur was Alyson. In it, the spooked books have scorpions on them. Despite being undetected by the team (not even getting a single vote), Alyson failed to sabotage the challenge, while Billy received 3 votes.
  • Series 2, Episode 7 (Brighton) - The Saboteur was Holly, In it, the spooked books have the colour green on them. Holly ruined the game and got away with it. Jerushan received 4 votes as Saboteur and got trapped. Holly later escaped the Tower.
  • Series 2, Episode 11 (Bristol) - The Saboteur was Poppy. In it, the spooked books are thin books. Poppy ruined the game and got away with it, not even getting a single vote. Louisa received 3 votes as Saboteur and got trapped. Poppy was later trapped on Floor 2.
  • Series 3, Episode 4 (Newport) - The Saboteur was Robbie. In it, the spooked books have the colour purple on them. Robbie failed to sabotage the challenge and was detected for being too bossy and giving himself away.
  • Series 3, Episode 10 (Hackney) - The Saboteur was Callum. In it, the spooked books have the colour yellow on them. Callum ruined the game, but got a tied vote with Dan and drew the short straw, meaning he got trapped.

Unfortunates in charge of handing the books over Edit

  • Series 2, Episode 3 (Norwich) - Billy
  • Series 2, Episode 7 (Brighton) - Oliver
  • Series 2, Episode 11 (Bristol) - Jake
  • Series 3, Episode 4 (Newport) - Ellis
  • Series 3, Episode 10 (Hackney) - Yinka

Trivia Edit

  • Alyson (despite failing to sabotage) and Poppy are the only Saboteurs in this challenge to not receive a single vote.
  • Robbie is the only Saboteur who both failed to sabotage and got detected.
  • Holly is the only Saboteur in this challenge to escape the Tower. She and Poppy are also the only Saboteurs to not get trapped.
  • In Series 2, Episode 11 (Bristol), the room had duller lighting than normal, and the camera angles used were also different from the other episodes.
  • Series 3, Episode 10 (Hackney) is the only episode featuring this challenge to have a male unfortunate escape the Tower.