Episode Description Edit

This episode aired on the 27th of October, 2010. The unfortunates were from South Shields.

Unfortunates Edit

  • Adam (boy), he invented a time machine in 2056
  • Abigail (girl) used to be a banjo
  • Ellis (boy) is a trip hazard
  • Amy (girl) is scared of Wednesdays
  • Ads (boy) glows in the dark
  • Abbie (girl) once cooked a mammoth

The Tower Edit

Floor 6 Edit

- Challenge Character: Baby Botherer

- Challenge: Botherer Blocks

- Saboteur: Adam

- Status: Challenge was failed. Saboteur was undetected.

- Voting: Ads received 5 votes. Ellis received 1 vote.

- Trapped: Ads

- Details: 2 blackouts.

- Ads's last words: I'll miss you, Mum and Dad!

Floor 5 Edit

- Challenge Character: The Bride, The Marriage Man

- Challenge: The Midnight Bride

- Saboteur: Amy

- Status: Challenge was failed. Saboteur was undetected.

- Voting: Adam received 3 votes. Amy received 1 vote. Abbie received 1 vote.

- Trapped: Adam

- Details: There was 1 correct guess and 3 incorrect guesses. The bride hated husbands with flowers.

- Adam's last words: I'm really going to miss playing football.

Floor 4 Edit

- Challenge Character: Split Ends

- Challenge: Split Ends

- Saboteur: Abbie

- Status: Challenge was passed. Saboteur was undetected

- Voting: Abbie received 1 vote. Ellis received 1 vote. Amy received 1 vote. Abigail received 1 vote.

- Trapped: Abbie

- Details: There was 3 correct guesses, and 2 incorrect guesses. 

- Abbie's last words: Am I really stuck in here?  

Floor 3 Edit

- Challenge Characters: Esme, The Scallywags

- Challenge: Scallywag Wood

- Saboteur: Abigail

- Status: Challenge was failed. Saboteur was undetected.

- Voting: Amy received 2 votes. Abigail received 1 vote.

- Trapped: Amy

- Details: There was 1 correct guess, and 2 incorrect guesses. Animals with four legs were the scallywags.

- Amy's last words: I'm glad I've got this far and at least I've got the animals to play with.

Floor 2 Edit

- Details: Ellis answered 3 questions correctly. Abigail answered 2 questions correctly. 6 questions were asked.

- Winner: Ellis

- Ellis said: The winner has got to be me!

Trivia Edit

  • In Floor 3, Amy was the only one to vote for the saboteur (Abigail) and everyone else voted for her.
  • In this episode, all the unfortunates‘ names started with 'A', except for Ellis.
  • This is the last episode when everyone recieved 1 vote each.
  • In Scallywag Wood, the Voice told Abigail to choose animals without 4 legs which were the snake, spider, snail and scorpion. However, the Voice forgot to mention the dove which has 2 legs.
  • This is the last episode where a saboteur on Floor 3 has sabotaged the challenge and remained undetected.
  • When time ran out during Botherer Blocks, the unfortunates did not complete the tower of blocks on time. However, even if they did, they would've still failed because they did not assemble the tower on the rug because the Baby Botherer moved the tower off the rug during the second blackout.
  • Ads is the last Unfortunate in the series to receive five votes on Floor 6.
  • On Floor 2, when Abigail was asked to name the character on the 6th Floor (Baby Botherer) Abigail only says baby which prompts the Voice to elaborate by saying she needed the full name of the character. This is the only instance in the show where an unfortunate had to specify their answer after giving an initially vague answer.


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TTV - Trapped! Full Episode - Ever After, Episode 8 (South Shields) -CBBC, 2010- @Trapped TV

TTV - Trapped! Full Episode - Ever After, Episode 8 (South Shields) -CBBC, 2010- @Trapped TV