Episode Description Edit

This episode aired on the 20th of February 2009. The unfortunates in this episode were from Paisley.

Unfortunates Edit

  • Sarah (girl), who used to be a Bengal tiger
  • Adam (boy) is named after a popular cheese
  • Lauren (girl), she invented the weather
  • Matt (boy), he has a collection of antique furniture
  • Maria (girl), she is a coiled spring
  • Mbalwani (boy), who won the Eurovision Song Contest 1904

The Tower Edit

Floor 6 Edit

- Challenge Character: The Botherers

- Challenge: Body Shock

- Saboteur: Adam

- Status: Challenge was failed. Saboteur was safe from the draw straws.

- Voting: Matt received 3 votes. Adam received 3 votes. Matt drew the short straw.

- Trapped: Matt

- Details: 3 blackouts.

- Matt's last words: Erm, I just think I was at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Floor 5 Edit

- Challenge Character: None

- Challenge: Septic Sewers

- Saboteur: Mbalwani

- Status: Challenge was failed. Saboteur was undetected.

- Voting: Maria received 3 votes. Mbalwani received 2 votes.

- Trapped: Maria

- Details: 5 Saboteur alerts. 7 plugs in drain at the end.

- Maria's last words: Well, I think the others voted for me because the plugs came from my side but it was Mbalwani.

Floor 4 Edit

- Challenge Character: Green Fingers

- Challenge: Green Fingers

- Saboteur: Sarah

- Status: Challenge was passed. Saboteur was detected.

- Voting: Sarah received 2 votes. Adam received 2 votes.

- Trapped: Sarah

- Details: There was 3 correct guesses, and 1 incorrect guess. 

- Sarah's last words: I think I failed because I tried to make it look as if it was Adam, and I wasn't answering that many questions that they asked me.  

Floor 3 Edit

- Challenge Character: The Whinging Werewolf

- Challenge: Extraction

- Saboteur: Adam (again)

- Status: Challenge was failed. Saboteur was undetected.

- Voting: Mbalwani received 2 votes. Adam received 1 vote.

- Trapped: Mbalwani

- Details: There was 1 correct guess and 3 incorrect guesses. Teeth on the top jaw were healthy.

- Mbalwani's last words: I feel OK.

Floor 2 Edit

- Details: Lauren answered 5 questions correctly. Adam answered 2 questions correctly. 11 questions were asked.

- Winner: Lauren

- Adam's last words: Not bad, cos I got this far.

- Lauren said: Promise to come and visit!

Trivia Edit

  • This is the 1st episode when the 2 unfortunates have a draw after the challenge was succeeded, the last one being Series 3, Episode 12 (Glasgow), where Daniel and Darcy had a tied vote on Floor 4.
  • On Floor 3, Mbalwani was the only unfortunate to vote for the saboteur which was Adam and everyone else voted for him.
  • Lauren does not receive any votes on each floor. She is the only winner in Series 3 to have this honor.
  • Adam is the last saboteur in Series 3 to sabotage the challenge on Floor 6 and escape the floor.
  • During Series 2 and 3, the unfortunates jump through the trap door in the order they are standing from left to right. However, after Body Shock, Mbalwani jumped through the hole before Maria despite Mbalwani standing at the end of line.
  • During Body Shock, after the last blackout, one of the Botherers was holding a hand when he got shoved back into the cage by Matt. The Unfortunates failed to notice this, with the missing hand causing them to fail the challenge.
  • As of this episode, Extraction is the most played Floor 3 challenge, overtaking Wicked Wardrobes from Series 1.
  • Mbalwani is the only saboteur in Septic Sewers to occupy the pipe on the farthest right. Incidentally, in Septic Sewers next and final appearance, Series 3, Episode 11 (Leeds), the saboteur (Jack) occupies the pipe on the farthest left.


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TTV - Trapped! Full Episode - Series 3, Episode 8 (Paisley) -CBBC, 2009- -10YearsOfTrapped

TTV - Trapped! Full Episode - Series 3, Episode 8 (Paisley) -CBBC, 2009- -10YearsOfTrapped