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This episode aired on the 21st of August 2008. The unfortunates in this episode were from Brighton.

Unfortunates Edit

  • Ellie (girl), who lives in a rollerskate
  • Jerushan (boy), he owns the Eiffel Tower
  • Nikita (girl) is part panda
  • Josh (boy), he has a fear of the colour orange
  • Holly (girl), whose boyfriend is made of concrete
  • Oliver (boy), who's a door-to-door glazing salesman

The Tower Edit

Floor 6 Edit

- Challenge Character: None

- Challenge: Wall of Sorrow

- Saboteur: Josh

- Status: Challenge was failed. Saboteur drew the short straw.

- Voting: Josh received 3 votes. Ellie received 3 votes. Josh drew the short straw.

- Trapped: Josh

- Details: 2 blackouts.

- Josh's last words: I feel good that I got to come here, but I feel bad because I got trapped on the top level.

Floor 5 Edit

- Challenge Character: Miss Mutternot

- Challenge: Spooked

- Saboteur: Holly

- Status: Challenge was failed. Saboteur was undetected.

- Voting: Jerushan received 4 votes. Holly received 1 vote.

- Trapped: Jerushan

- Details: There was 2 correct guesses, and 3 incorrect guesses.

- Jerushan's last words: Annoyed because I have to stay with this weird librarian.

Floor 4 Edit

- Challenge Character: Madam Deux Visage

- Challenge: Two-Faced Liar

- Saboteur: Oliver

- Status: Challenge was failed. Saboteur drew the short straw.

- Voting: Holly received 2 votes. Oliver received 2 votes. Oliver drew the short straw.

- Trapped: Oliver

- Details: There was 1 correct guess, and 3 incorrect guesses. 

- Oliver's last words: Because I made it a bit obvious I was the Saboteur, because I went over the top.  

Floor 3 Edit

- Challenge Character: The Moonhowler

- Challenge: Camp Fear

- Saboteur: Ellie

- Status: Challenge was passed. Saboteur was detected.

- Voting: Ellie received 2 votes. Nikita received 1 vote.

- Trapped: Ellie

- Details: 3 Saboteur alerts.

- Ellie's last words: I think they voted for me because at the end, I was breathing heavily and gave it away.

Floor 2 Edit

- Details: Holly answered 5 questions correctly. Nikita answered 1 question correctly. 10 questions were asked.

- Winner: Holly

- Nikita's last words: Alright, actually, because I've come this far and I'm really happy.

- Holly said: See ya later!


  • On Floor 5, Jerushan was the only unfortunate to vote for the saboteur which was Holly and everyone else voted for him.
  • This is the last episode when all the boys were trapped before Floor 3, The First Being Series 1, Episode 13 (Burnley).
  • As of this episode, 100 unfortunates have been trapped.
  • The Caretaker’s fact about Josh being terrified of the colour orange is ironic, since he himself is wearing a shirt with orange sleeves (Made more so with Jerushan wearing an orange shirt)
  • In real life, the fear of the colour orange is known as Chrysophobia.
  • The teams efforts in Wall of Sorrow are a subject of great criticism from the Voice, who during the challenge took many jabs at the teams attempt at building the wall (primarily due to the team placing the bricks vertical and switching between that and horizontal throughout) she even told Josh at one point to encourage the bad work. The Caretaker later addresses it after Josh is trapped, saying “That is the daftest wall-building I have ever seen!”.
  • This is the first (and only time) the team failed a challenge that was not the result of the saboteurs actions (though they did come to play partially) in Wall of Sorrow, the team failed due to the wall completely falling apart in the last few seconds as a result of a poor strategy by the team as a whole.
  • Brighton was previously visited in Series 1 Episode 7, an entire series ago.
  • After Josh says his final words, the Caretaker makes a violin sound before the Voice says that he's trapped.
  • Holly is the only saboteur to succeed in this episode. Josh successfully sabotaged Wall Of Sorrow but lost the Draw Straws tie to Ellie, Oliver sabotaged Two-Faced Liar but lost the Draw Straws tie to Holly, and Ellie failed to sabotage Camp Fear and got detected.


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TTV Trapped! Full Episode - Series 2, Episode 7 (Brighton) CBBC, 2008 10YearsOfTrapped

TTV Trapped! Full Episode - Series 2, Episode 7 (Brighton) CBBC, 2008 10YearsOfTrapped