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This episode aired on December 14th 2007. The Unfortunates in this episode were from Bow, which the Caretaker refers to as "East London".

Unfortunates Edit

  • Mitchell (boy), he sleeps standing on his head in a bucket of cold sick.
  • Shpresa (girl), her prized possession is a packet of walnuts.
  • Bradley (boy) once tripped over a daisy.
  • Shamara (girl), earwax candle maker.
  • Marie (girl), hula-hoop champion 1926.
  • Samadul (boy), he keeps an alien in his back pocket.

The Tower Edit

Floor 6 Edit

- Challenge Character: None

- Challenge: Toxic Treats

- Saboteur: Marie

- Status: Challenge was failed. Saboteur was detected.

- Voting: Marie received 3 votes. Bradley received 2 votes. Samadul received 1 vote.

- Trapped: Marie

- Details: There was 2 correct guesses, and 3 incorrect guesses.

- Marie's last words: It's a bit horrible, because this room is quite hot, and it's a bit boring because there's nothing really to do, but all you can do is pick up presents.

Floor 5 Edit

- Challenge Character: None

- Challenge: Freaky Factory

- Saboteur: Bradley

- Status: Challenge was failed. Saboteur was safe from draw straws.

- Voting: Bradley received 2 votes. Shpresa received 2 votes. Shamara received 1 vote. Shpresa drew the short straw.

- Trapped: Shpresa

- Details: 4 egg boxes completed.

- Shpresa's last words: Well, I think the others voted for me because Bradley threw the eggs onto my factory bit, so everybody thought "Wow, Shpresa's got the most eggs smashed, it's her".

Floor 4 Edit

- Challenge Character: None

- Challenge: Snake Attack

- Saboteur: Mitchell

- Status: Challenge was failed. Saboteur was undetected.

- Voting: Bradley received 3 votes. Mitchell received 1 vote.

- Trapped: Bradley

- Details: There was 1 correct guess, and 3 incorrect guesses.

- Bradley's last words: Maybe it was because I kept telling Shamara what one it should be. I was the only one that was really doing it but they joined in after. Samadul and Mitchell joined in after me.

Floor 3 Edit

- Challenge Character: The Head

- Challenge: Poison Banquet

- Saboteur: Samadul

- Status: Challenge was passed. Saboteur was detected.

- Voting: Samadul received 2 votes. Mitchell received 1 vote.

- Trapped: Samadul

- Details: There was 3 correct guesses, and no incorrect guesses.

- Samadul's last words: Well, I think Shamara and Mitchell suspected they were choosing the right ones and I wasn't.

Floor 2 Edit

- Details: Mitchell answered 3 questions correctly. Shamara answered 2 questions correctly. 9 questions were asked.

- Winner: Mitchell

- Shamara's last words: I feel quite upset and annoyed that I didn't win, but most of the questions were hard for me.

- Mitchell said: Can't get me now. I'm free!


  • On Floor 4, Bradley was the only unfortunate to vote for the saboteur which was Mitchell, and everyone else voted for Bradley!
  • This is the only episode whereas in Floor 3, no one got poisoned in Poisoned Banquet
  • Marie is the only female unfortunate to be trapped in Toxic Treats.
  • Final appearances of both Toxic Treats and Poison Banquet.
  • According to Samadul in a YouTube comment on Trapped! TV’s upload of the episode, he was originally chosen as the Saboteur in Snake Attack on Floor 4, but his Whisper Clip wasn’t working properly, causing the others to hear The Voice speaking to him. The challenge was reshot and Mitchell was chosen as the Saboteur instead. This incident led to the Whisper Clips getting redesigned to more easily cover the ear, and the new design was used from Series 2 onwards.
  • On Floor 3, Samadul had no choice but to let the team pass the challenge, as Mitchell and Shamara both agreed on a choice together, and Samadul always picked a different cake. After Mitchell and Shamara got a correct guess on the first cake, they believed that Samadul was the saboteur and deliberately ignored him for the rest of the challenge.


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TTV - Trapped! Full Episode - Series 1, Episode 12 (Bow) -CBBC, 2007- -10YearsOfTrapped

TTV - Trapped! Full Episode - Series 1, Episode 12 (Bow) -CBBC, 2007- -10YearsOfTrapped