Summary Edit

Scarlett is a challenge character who appears in the wolf and the nut (ever after).

Biography Edit

Scarlett, a wolf hunter had her granny eaten by a wolf and replied "I'm going to find that wolf and cut off it's head! But first I need some sleep." She approached the tower one night filled with rage of the wolf eating her granny, The Voice gave her a bed for the night but the bed was filled with Scrumble Nuts as well as a child eating wolf. Unfortunates try to find these Scrumble Nuts while avoiding the wolf. She inadvertably trapped herself and hasn't been able to get a night's sleep ever since.

Characteristics Edit

She is rather flirtatious and frequently calls the unfortunates 'sweetie'. She is very dismissive of the wolf and believes that it doesn't exist, saying "If there was a wolf I'd know about it."

When unfortunates are trapped they quickly get tired of her suggesting she's very annoying and/or boring. Despite this she's definitely the best person to be trapped with and poses no threat to the unfortunates whatsoever.

Appearances Edit

Ever After: Series 4, Episode 1 (Gravesend)

Ever After: Series 4, Episode 3 (West Bromwich)

Ever After: Series 4, Episode 5 (Croydon)

Ever After: Series 4, Episode 7 (Pontypool)

Ever After: Series 4, Episode 9 (Plaistow)

Ever After: Series 4, Episode 11 (Livingstone)

Ever After: Series 4, Episode 13 (Bolton)

Trivia Edit

  • Her character is based on the Princess from the fairy tale, "The Princess and The Pea".