Noor was a girl from Fulham who was an Unfortunate in Series 4, Episode 4 (Fulham). According to The Caretaker, she is free from polyunsaturates.

Series 4, Episode 4 (Fulham)Edit

Noor appeared in the fourth episode of Trapped! Ever After. The episode originally aired on October 19th, 2010.

Noor's Journey Through The TowerEdit

On Floor 6 "Mutternot's Tales", Noor received two votes as Saboteur. One from Said because "Every time there was a blackout, the books were falling next to her" and one from Hodon who said "Because the books were always falling next to her". Noor voted for Said because "Every time the team was helping, he would accidentally drop the books". The other Unfortunates (Leurim, Ganto, Irisa) also voted for Said. The real Saboteur was Leurim. As the team failed, the Unfortunate with the most votes (Said) was trapped.

On Floor 5 "Poisoned Hollows", Noor was chosen as the Saboteur, with her aim to destroy the circle of apples when the other Unfortunates were hiding. Noor successfully sabotaged the challenge and made the team fail. Noor received two votes as Saboteur - one from Leurim because "She kept not helping and throwing the apples on my side", and one from Ganto because "She kept dropping the apples". Noor voted for Ganto because "When he was spinning round the table, he didn't seem to be doing much". Hodon and Irisa also voted for Ganto. As the team failed, the Unfortunate with the most votes (Ganto) was trapped while Noor, the real Saboteur successfully made her team fail and kept her identity secret.

On Floor 4 "Split Ends", Noor received one vote as Saboteur from Irisa because "She wasn't helping the team" and voted for Irisa as the Saboteur because "Every time the team got one right, she'd always disagree and wouldn't celebrate". Leurim and Hodon also voted for Irisa. The real Saboteur was Irisa, and as the team passed she was automatically trapped.

On Floor 3 "Scallywag Wood", Noor received one vote as Saboteur from Leurim because "She kept on picking the wrong animals". Noor voted for Leurim as Saboteur because "He wasn't making any choices and just agreed with everything the team said". Hodon also voted for Leurim. The real Saboteur was Hodon. As the team failed, the Unfortunate with the most votes (Leurim) was trapped while Noor and Hodon proceeded to the Fight For Freedom.

On Floor 2 "Fight For Freedom", Noor went against Hodon and won 2 to 0. Noor answered 2 questions correctly, but also took a step when Hodon gave an incorrect answer on her first question. Noor successfully escaped the Tower and said "See ya!".

 Trivia Edit

  • Noor is the second Unfortunate to have received at least one vote on every floor. The first was Liban from Series 2, Episode 8 (Bath)
  • Noor is one of two Saboteurs in Poisoned Hollows to escape the Tower. The other was Keane from Series 4, Episode 10 (Weston-super-mare)
  • Noor is the only female Unfortunate to be chosen as Saboteur in Poisoned Hollows.