Nikica was a boy from Willesden (which The Caretaker mentions as West London), and was an Unfortunate in Series 1, Episode 2 (Willesden). According to The Caretaker, he has a pet woodlouse that lives in his ear.

 Series 1, Episode 2 (Willesden)

Nikica appeared in the second-ever episode of Trapped!, which aired on October 7th, 2007.

 Nikica's Journey Through The Tower

On Floor 6 "Toxic Treats", Nikica received one vote as Saboteur from Montell who said "On the last box it was a fart and I thought it was him". Nikica voted for Montell as Saboteur because "Every time he pointed out which one to go for". Aimen and Frankie also voted for Montell, while Rochelle and Tia voted for Frankie. The real Saboteur was Montell. As the team failed, the Unfortunate with the most votes (Montell) was trapped.

On Floor 5 "Freaky Factory", Nikica was chosen as the Saboteur. He had to stop his team from completing 5 egg boxes before the time (90 seconds) ran out. He managed to successfully sabotage the challenge and made the team fail. He received no votes as Saboteur and voted for Frankie because "She threw so many boxes in front of my booth and also Tia's". Tia also voted for Frankie, while Rochelle voted for Aimen and both Aimen and Frankie voted for Tia, resulting in a tie for Frankie and Tia. As the team failed and Frankie drew the short straw, she was trapped, while Nikica (the real Saboteur) successfully got away without any votes.

On Floor 4 "Snake Attack", Nikica received no votes as Saboteur, and he voted for Rochelle because "She suggested the last two and they were wrong and she wasn't quite sure what she was saying". Both Tia and Aimen also voted for Rochelle, while she voted for Tia. The real Saboteur was Rochelle. As the team failed and she was detected as Saboteur, she got trapped.

On Floor 3 "Poison Banquet", Nikica received no votes as Saboteur and voted for Tia because "She was hesitating every few minutes or seconds, so I really think it was her". Aimen also voted for Tia, and Tia voted for Aimen. The real Saboteur was Aimen, but as the team passed, Aimen was trapped.

On Floor 2 "One Way Out And There Can Only Be One Winner (Fight For Freedom", Nikica went against Tia and won 4 points to 3. Nikica left the Tower saying "Yes!".


  • Nikica was the first Unfortunate to win who was chosen as a Saboteur.
  • Nikica is the first Saboteur in Freaky Factory to not get a single vote. The second was Florence from Series 1, Episode 7 (Brighton) who later got trapped on Floor 3.
  • When Frankie says the Nikica was really good, she mispronounces Nikica's name as "Nikita".
  • Nikica is one of two Saboteurs in Freaky Factory to escape the Tower. The other was Elise from Series 2, Episode 13 (Wakefield).
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