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Nathan was a boy from Bolton and was an unfortunate on Season 3, Episode 13 (Bolton). According to The Caretaker, Nathan is a Georgian Dentist.

Season 3: Episode 13 (Bolton) Edit

Nathan appeared in Season 3, Episode 13 which aired on CBBC and BBC One on 27th March, 2009. This was the final episode of season 3. The Caretaker also claimed it was to be the last episode as The Voice promised to let him go after trapping 5 unfortunates from the Bolton bunch (as seen in this episode). Coincidentally in the official final ever episode of Trapped! (Season 4, Episode 13) the last bunch of unfortunates were also from Bolton.

Nathan's Journey Through The Tower Edit

On Floor 6: 'Goblet Of Ice', Nathan accidentally slipped onto the floor 4 times which caused the goblet to tip, which made him look guilty and made it possible for the others to suspect him instead of the real saboteur. However, Meganne also touched the floor a few seconds before the end of the challenge and Ben and Chris noticed as she was near them when she touched the floor. Due to his accidents, Nathan received 3 votes as saboteur, one from Meganne, who voted for Nathan because: "He kept standing on the floor quite a lot", one from Sophie, who voted for Nathan because: "He kept standing on the floor a lot", and one from Andi, who voted for Nathan because: "I think I saw him put his foot down on the floor". Noticing that Meganne stepped on the floor just when the team were about pass, Nathan voted for her, stating that: "We were just about to fill the goblet of ice and she stepped on the floor". Luckily for Nathan, Chris and Ben noticed that Meganne stepped on the floor as well and defended him by voting for her as saboteur instead of him. With 3 votes to Nathan and 3 votes to Meganne the vote was a tie. Nathan drew the longer straw and was save while Meganne drew the short draw, meaning she was the one who ended up getting trapped. The real saboteur was Meganne, as she drew the short straw she ended up getting trapped. A lucky escape for Nathan.

On Floor 5: 'Fairy Trials', Nathan was chosen as the saboteur, his aim was to convince his team to identify the fairies incorrectly, therefore in order to succeed as the saboteur he had to persuade his team mates to agree to release the bad fairies and blow up the good. All of the bad fairies were not wearing gloves while all the good fairies were wearing gloves, so Nathan's job was to convince his team to agree on blowing up the fairies with gloves (the good fairies) and release the fairies without gloves (the bad fairies). As well as being the saboteur, Nathan was also given the job as the unfortunate in charge of the leaver on the exterminator (However, unlike the saboteur job, that job was not secret). Nathan succeeded and made the team fail with 3 wrong guesses and one right guess. Nathan received no votes as saboteur and voted for Chris as saboteur because: "He wasn't making any decisions with us and he was really quiet and he's normally chatty". Chris also got voted as saboteur by Ben and Andi while Sophie and Chris voted for Ben. As the team failed, the unfortunate with the most votes (Chris) got trapped, whilst Nathan the real saboteur succeeded as saboteur by making the team fail and hiding his identity as saboteur was free to pass to the next floor. The Caretaker even complimented Nathan by saying: "Nathan was sneaky there, not even one vote!"

On Floor 4: 'Two Faced Liar', Nathan received no votes as saboteur and voted for Ben as saboteur because: "He was like, pleased that we got it wrong". Andi and Sophie also voted for Ben, and Ben voted for Sophie. However, the real saboteur was Andi. As the team failed the unfortunate with the most votes (Ben) got trapped.

On Floor 3: 'Forbidden Chambers', Nathan completed the orange tower and had the final purple crate and was about to complete the purple tower but the saboteur was in the purple room when Nathan called: "I need to get into the purple room" and took one of the purple crates and moved to the green room just in time, meaning Nathan was unable to complete the purple tower with one crate short. Nathan received no votes as saboteur and voted for Sophie as saboteur because: "Every time I went into a different room, she had just been in there and the boxes had all been mixed up". Andi also voted for Sophie, while Sophie voted for Andi. However, the real saboteur was Andi. As the team failed, the unfortunate with the most votes as saboteur (Sophie) got trapped.

On Floor 2: 'One Way Out And There Can Only Be One Winner (Fight For Freedom)', Nathan went against Andi and won with 4 points to 3 and escaped the tower. Nathan left the tower saying: "I'm free finally!"

Trivia Edit

  • On Floor 6: 'Goblet Of Ice', Nathan accidentally slipped off the ice 3 times.
  • Nathan's surname is "Byrne'.
  • 4 years after the episode aired Nathan uploaded the episode to his personal YouTube channel (xFadedHue). In the comments of the video fellow Trapped! fans asked Nathan himself some questions about the experience of being on Trapped! Nathan reveled that he still keeps in contact with fellow unfortunate friends Andi and Sophie, he also reveled that he already knew all of the unfortunates in the episode beforehand confirming that they all went to the same primary school and were in the same class. He also confirmed that the winner of Trapped! gets to keep the key of freedom and all participants (unfortunates) get given a "Trapped!" t-shirt and a certificate saying which floor they got trapped on.
  • Nathan is the second Saboteur in Fairy Trials to escape the tower. The first was Alex from Series 2, Episode 8 (Bath). However, unlike Alex, Nathan got away without any votes while Alex got one vote.
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