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Mitchell was a boy from Bow and was an unfortunate on Series 1, Episode 12 (Bow). According to The Caretaker, Mitchell sleeps standing on his head in a bucket of cold sick.

Season 1: Episode 12 (Bow) Edit

Mitchell appeared in Series 1, Episode 12 which aired on CBBC and BBC One on 14th December, 2007.

Mitchell's Journey Through The Tower Edit

On Floor 6: 'Toxic Treats', Mitchell received no votes as saboteur, and voted for Bradley as saboteur because "Bradley was always picking the ones that I thought were very wrong". Shpresa, Shamara and Samadul all voted for Marie, while Marie also voted for Bradley, and Bradley voted for Samadul. However, the real saboteur was Marie. As the team failed, the unfortunate with the most votes as saboteur (Marie) got trapped.

On Floor 5: 'Freaky Factory', Mitchell received no votes saboteur and voted for Shpresa as saboteur because "I saw her throwing eggs at the ground and boxes". The vote was a tie (Bradley also voted for Shpresa, while both Shpresa and Shamara voted for Bradley and Samadul voted for Shamara), both Shpresa and Bradley got the most votes, however Shpresa drew the short straw meaning she was the one who ended up getting trapped. The real saboteur was Bradley, who luckily drew the longer straw and was therefore able to proceed through the tower.

On Floor 4: 'Snake Attack', Mitchell was the saboteur and made the team fail with 3 wrong guesses and 1 right guess. Mitchell received one vote as saboteur from Bradley who voted for Mitchell because "On the second one he said probably the top or middle and that sounded a bit mysterious" and Mitchell voted for Bradley as saboteur because "On one he said let's do the middle one, straight away and their was a snake in there". Bradley got two other votes from the other two unfortunates (Shamara and Samadul), meaning Mitchell remained undetected as saboteur by everyone (a part from Bradley), and as the team failed Mitchell was free to pass to the next floor while Bradley ended up trapped.

On Floor 3: 'Poison Banquet', Mitchell received one vote as saboteur from Samadul who voted for Mitchell because "He never took part in most of the challenges that we had to do", and Mitchell voted for Samadual as saboteur because "He was the one that was suggesting the wrong ones when me and Shamara suggested the right ones". Shamara also voted for Samadul. The real saboteur was Samadul who failed to sabotage and was detected by the others, therefore he got trapped while Mitchell and Shamara were free to proceed.

On Floor 2: 'One Way Out And There Can Only Be One Winner (Fight For Freedom)', Mitchell went against Shamara and won with 3 points to 2 and escaped the tower. Mitchell left the tower saying: "Can't get me now, I'm free!"

Trivia Edit

  • Mitchell's surname is "Clark" he has a Facebook account on which he is friends with fellow unfortunates, Shamara and Samadul.
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