Michael was a boy from Brixton and was an unfortunate on Series 3, Episode 1 (Brixton). According to The Caretaker, Michael is a deep sea diver.

Season 3: Episode 1 (Brixton)

Michael appeared in Season 3, Episode 1 which aired on CBBC and BBC One on 2nd January, 2009.

Michael's Journey Through The Tower

On Floor 6: 'Giant Appetite' Michael received one vote as saboteur from Ishmael who voted for Michael because "He went under the table late". Michael voted for Ishmael as the saboteur, because "When we went under the table he was always the last one". Brady, Jaydene and John also voted for Ishmael, while Olivia voted for Jaydene. The real saboteur was Ishmael. As the team failed, the person with the most votes as saboteur (Ishmael) got trapped. Even though Ishmael made the team fail he got detected.

On Floor 5: 'Beware The Crowman' Michael blew out one pumpkin, received no votes as saboteur and voted for Jaydene as the saboteur because "She didn't participate that much". The vote was a tie, both Jaydene and John got the most votes (John also voted for Jaydene, Jaydene and Olivia voted for John, and Brady voted for Olivia), however Jaydene drew the short straw meaning she was the one who ended up getting trapped. The real saboteur was Jaydene, as she drew the short straw she ended up getting trapped.

On Floor 4: 'Snake Attack' Michael received one vote as saboteur from Brady, who voted for Michael because "When he told us the holes they were all wrong". And Michael voted for Brady as the saboteur because "She looked a bit suspicious". John and Olivia also voted for Brady. However, the real saboteur was Olivia. As the team failed, the person with the most votes as saboteur (Brady) got trapped.

On Floor 3: 'Forbidden Chambers' Michael received one vote as saboteur from Olivia, who voted for Michael because "Every time I tried to speak to one of them he would never answer and I never heard him speaking". And Michael voted for Olivia because "She was never talking". John also voted for Olivia..However, the real saboteur was John. As the team failed, the person with the most votes as saboteur (Olivia) got trapped.

On Floor 2: 'One Way Out And There Can Only Be One Winner (Fight For Freedom)' Michael went against John and won 4 points to 3 and escaped the tower. Michael left the tower saying: "Victory is mine!"


  • Michael is the second and final "Michael" to go on 'Trapped!', the first being Michael from Season 2, Episode 10 (Stockport) who also won. Both Michaels were not chosen as a Saboteur, and also won the Fight For Freedom with a score of 4 points to 3.
  • On Floor 4 ('Snake Attack'), despite voting for Brady as saboteur when The Voice revealed that the real saboteur was Olivia, Michael claimed that he knew it was Olivia by saying: "I knew it!" after the announcement.
  • In the Fight For Freedom, Michael answered all the questions he was given correctly, however on his second question: "How many bread rolls were in the giants basket?", he was too slow to answer this allowed John to overtake him with 2 points to 1, but John answered his fourth question incorrectly so Michael retook over on the next question.
  • Michael received votes on every floor except for Floor 5.
  • When Michael got a correct answer in Fight For Freedom, he often said ”Yes!”.
  • After Michael escaped, The Caretaker claimed that: "Michael was lucky, if I had more practice at being a giant I reckon I would have got him trapped".
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