The series aired on BBC 1 for Series 1 2, 3 and CBBC Channel for Series 4 - 5.

Series 1Edit

  • Episode 1 (Airdate : 28/09/2007)
  • The batch of unfortunates are from Poplar (The Caretaker said it is from "East End of London")
    • Unfortunates :
      1. Daisy (girl) (she sleeps in the bath)
      2. Tyrone (boy) (he keeps bogeys under his bed)
      3. Emmy (girl) (who was born with blue hair)
      4. Conor (boy) (addicted to snails)
      5. Bethan (girl) (she likes to lick her nose)
      6. George (boy) (he's got two shadows)

  • Episode 2 (Airdate : 05/10/2007)
  • The batch of unfortunates are from Willesden (The Caretaker said it is from "West London")
  • Unforunates
  1. Montell (boy) (whose favourite dish is Mouse in a Spicy Cajun Sauce)
  2. Rochelle (girl) (who likes to wear shoes made of cheese)
  3. Frankie (girl) (she does an impression of a squashed gognal sprot)
  4. Aimen (boy) (he likes to sleep using a badger for a pillow)
  5. Nikica (boy) (he has a pet woodlouse what lives in his ear)
  6. Tia (girl) (she walks backwards on a Tuesday)

  • Episode 3 (Airdate : 12/10/2007)
  • The batch of unfortunates are from Cambridge
  • Unfortunates
  1. Fabien (boy) (he smells of drains)
  2. Puja (girl) (lives in a garden shed)
  3. Alessio (boy) (who has really hairy toes)
  4. Joanna (girl) (she eats on the floor)
  5. Wolfgang (boy) (used to be a pair of wellies)
  6. Zahrah (girl) (her favourite hobby is swimming with wet frogs)

  • Episode 4 (Airdate : 19/10/2007)
  • The batch of unfortunates are from Ipswich (The Caretaker said that it is the land of dragons, bogs and now six less wretches [unfortunates])
  • Unfortuntes
  1. Ben (boy) (who wants go into space so he can spit on the moon)
  2. Dionne (girl) (she reads everything upside down)
  3. Derryn (boy) (who collects plug holes)
  4. Cloda (girl) (who invented sneezing)
  5. Adam (boy) (he's related to the abominable snowman)
  6. Jodie (girl) (her middle name is {eek-eek})

Note : This is the only episode where three people did draw straws which was on floor 6 . and also another batch of unfortunates from Ipswich had appeared in Series 4 Ever After, Episode 12

  • Episode 5 (Airdate : 26/10/2007)
  • The batch of unfortunates are from Birmingham
  • Unfortunates:
  1. Jon (boy) (uses onions to brush his teeth)
  2. Sophie (girl) (she once had a sausage dog but she ate it with chips and beans)
  3. Saif (boy) (used to be an old man, but he's now aged 11)
  4. Alice (girl) (keeps a monkey under her bed)
  5. Jack (boy) (he wears false teeth made out of ham)
  6. Lizzie (girl) (she grows mushrooms between her ears)
  • Episode 6 (Airdate : 02/11/2007)
  • The batch of unfortunates are from Edinburgh
  • Unfortunates
  1. Sam (boy) (he grows cheese between his toes)
  2. Joanne (girl) (who can put her big toe in her ear)
  3. Tom (boy) (his favourite hobby is collecting bogeys)
  4. Rebecca (girl) (doesn't have any eyebrows)
  5. Caeleb (boy) (he can fit an entire sheep in his mouth)
  6. Bonnie (girl) (she wants to be a hammock when she grows up)

  • Episode 7 (Airdate : 09/11/2007)
  • The batch of unfortunates are from Brighton
  • Unfortunates
  1. Joe (boy) (he collects mouldy old socks)
  2. Sunaz (girl) (who wants to train pigeons)
  3. Benjamin (boy) (he snores louder than a trumpet)
  4. Florence (girl) (she pulls the legs off chairs {grrr!})
  5. Joseph (boy) (his favourite smell is wet dog)
  6. Jaimee (girl) (who has just sneezed all over the whole team)

  • Episode 8 (Airdate : 16/11/2007)
  • The batch of unfortunates are from Manchester
  • Unfortunates
  1. (That one with his head on backwards is) Jack (boy)
  2. Renee (girl) (she's a champion bodybuilder)
  3. Tim (boy) (he was born a mangel)
  4. Isobel (girl) (is allergic to chairs)
  5. Oaiss (boy) (he lives in a house under the sea)
  6. Sam (girl) (goes to school on a rollercoaster)

  • Episode 9 (Airdate : 23/11/2007)
  • The batch of unfortunates are from Cardiff
  • Unfortunates
  1. Ben (boy) (he likes to eat other people's toenails)
  2. Bethan (girl) (she likes to make sculptures out of dried snot)
  3. Adam (boy) (he's friends with the baboons in the zoo)
  4. Libby (girl) (The Welsh Yodelling Champion)
  5. Rhys (boy) (whenever he walks past a postbox, he howls like a wolf {howl})
  6. Rhiannon (girl) (she can sneeze in Morse code)

  • Episode 10 (Airdate : 30/11/2007)
  • The batch of unfortunates are from Newcastle
  • Unfortunates
  1. Mauro (boy) (only talks to ballroom dancers)
  2. Kim (girl) (she won't eat anything unless it tastes like mustard)
  3. Cameron (boy) (he hasn't washed in weeks)
  4. Molly (girl) (she's best friends with a radish)
  5. Jamiel (boy) (can speak fluent dolphin)
  6. Vanessa (girl) (she keeps twigs as pets)

  • Episode 11 (Airdate : 07/12/2007)
  • The batch of unfortunates are from Liverpool
  • Unfortunates
  1. Ross (boy) (his hair grows backwards)
  2. Carmen (girl) (she knits all her own food)
  3. Alex (boy) (he won Bigfoot of the Year)
  4. Emily (girl) (washes in strawberry milkshake)
  5. Edwin (boy) (he's afraid of saucepans)
  6. Lily (girl) (she has two tongues)

  • Episode 12 (Airdate : 14/12/2007)
  • The batch of unfortunates are from Bow (The Caretaker said that it is in East London)
  • Unfortunates
  1. Mitchell (boy) (he sleeps standing on his head in a bucket of cold sick)
  2. Shpresa (girl) (her prized possession is a packet of walnuts)
  3. Bradley (boy) (once tripped over a daisy)
  4. Shamara (girl) (earwax candle maker)
  5. Marie (girl) (hula-hoop champion 1926)
  6. Samadul (boy) (he keeps an alien in his back pocket)

  • Episode 13 (Airdate : 21/12/2007)
  • The batch of unfortunates are from Burnley (The Caretaker said that Burnley is located in China, despite the fact that it is actually located in Lancashire, England) NOTE: This is the only episode (along with Series 2, Episode 7) where all the boys were Trapped before floor 3.
  • Unfortunates :
  1. Harriet (girl) (she's got a hairy tongue)
  2. Declan (boy) (he can blow fire out of his nostrils)
  3. Jade (girl) (she used to be a hedgehog)
  4. Josh (boy) (secretly terrified of tiny kittens)
  5. Jessica (girl) (she's got a head full of jam)
  6. William (boy) (he's married to a polar bear)

Series 2Edit

  • Episode 1 (Airdate : 10/07/2008)
  • The Batch of Unfortunates are from Wolverhampton
  • Unfortunates:
  1. Olivia (girl) who used to be a hedgehog
  2. Brandon (boy) he keeps a rooster in his school bag
  3. Amybeth (girl) is from London. How did she get in here?
  4. Connor (boy) walks sideways on a Saturday
  5. Sophie (girl) who's secretly terrified of carrot cake
  6. Schmichel (boy) he invented dancing in 1965

  • Episode 2 (Airdate : 17/07/2008)
  • The batch of unfortunates are from Watford
  • Unfortunates:
  1. William (boy), he's a shepherd
  2. Shaneece (girl), is addicted to aqua aerobics
  3. Ryan (boy), speaks fluent halibut
  4. Natasha (girl),  she collects duvet covers
  5. Ibrahim (boy), has a fear of butterflies
  6. Samantha (girl), was lost in space for 20 years

Note: This is the only episode to have all the saboteurs escape, they didn't get trapped all the floors were sabotaged

  • Episode 3 (Airdate : 24/07/2008)
  • The batch of unfortunates are from Norwich
  • Unfortunates
  1. Fiona (girl), who sleeps inside a banana
  2. Ben (boy), who used to have a job as a pair of slippers
  3. Alyson (girl), who's part robot
  4. Billy (boy), whose girlfriend is a coconut
  5. Holly (girl), whose best friend is a fridge magnet
  6. George (boy), who invented food back in 1983

Note: all of the caretaker's made up facts all begin with "who" in this episode, this is the first episode to have all the girls sabotuers, the next episode to have all girls saboteurs will be Ever After, Episode 7

  • Episode 4 (Airdate : 31/07/2008)
  • The batch of unfortunates are from Castleford
  • Unfortunates:
  1. Jasmine (girl) she's a secret frog smuggler
  2. Hayden (boy) is a retired bank manager
  3. Savanna (girl) is a mystery
  4. Lewis (boy) he was rescued by squirrels in 1982
  5. Natasha (girl) who is addicted to cartwheels
  6. Andrew (boy) from London! What's he doing here?

  • Episode 5 (Airdate : 07/08/2008)
  • The batch of unfortunates are from Liverpool
  • Unfortunates:
  1. Aaron (boy) Who used to be a bunch of grapes
  2. Jasmine (girl) Who generates her own electricity
  3. Jacob (boy) Who's a black belt in flip flop
  4. Nia (girl) Who collects cow parts
  5. Blaise (boy) Who's secretly in love with a coat hanger
  6. Laura (girl) Who won undercover alien of the year 2005

  • Episode 6 (Airdate : 14/08/2008)
  • The batch of unfortunates are from Sale
  • Unfortunates:
  1. Nyree (girl) Who wishes she could fly away
  2. James (boy) Who used to have a job as a lunchbox
  3. Em (girl) Who speaks fluent sheep
  4. Necho (boy) He's a retired biscuit designer
  5. Emy (girl) Who's boyfriend is a wheelie bin
  6. Kyle (boy) Who once fell off a penguin

  • Episode 7 (Airdate : 21/08/2008)
  • The batch of unforunates are from Brighton
  • Unfortunates:
  1. Ellie (girl) who lives on a roller skate
  2. Jerushan (boy) he owns the Eiffel Tower
  3. Nikita (girl) is part panda
  4. Josh (boy) he has a fear of the colour 'orange'
  5. Holly (girl) whose boyfriend is made of concrete
  6. Oliver (boy) who's a door-to-door double glazing salesman

Note: This is the 2nd and last episode where all the boys were trapped on Floors 6, 5, & 4. 1st episode was Series 1 Episode 13

  • Episode 8 (Airdate : 28/08/2008)
  • The batch of unfortunates are from Bath
  • Unfortunates:
  1. Alex (boy) who comes from Mars
  2. Francesca (girl) she hates being called 'Dave'
  3. Dylan (boy) he's faster than a ham sandwich
  4. Hollie (girl) she collects empty milk cartons
  5. Liban (boy) he has a head full of porridge
  6. Polly (girl) who invented time travel

  • Episode 9 (Airdate : 04/09/2008)
  • The Batch of Unfortunates are from Birmingham
  • Unfortunates:
  1. Joseph (boy) who's a Victorian chimney sweep
  2. Taela (girl) who's thoroughly water-proof
  3. Jonah (boy) is a loose cannon
  4. Rhiana (girl) who won the World Cup in 1966
  5. Alex (boy) who needs to be back in time for his tea
  6. Elvira (girl) who invented sneezing in 1953

  • Episode 10 (Airdate : 11/09/2008)
  • The Batch of Unfortunates are from Stockport
  • Unfortunates:
  1. Michael (boy) who was raised by ants
  2. Kiana (girl) she's 100% recyclable
  3. Louis (boy) who's posing as a real person
  4. Imogen (girl) she's something else entirely
  5. George (boy) has a retractable finger
  6. Abigail (girl) who invented wind in 1896

  • Episode 11 (Airdate : 18/09/2008)
  • The Batch of Unfortunates are from Bristol
  • Unfortunates:
  1. Chris (boy) who's a champion cucumber wrestler
  2. Louisa (girl) who is terrified of gravy
  3. Jake (boy) is having the time of his life
  4. Poppy (girl) she has a built-in sat nav
  5. Jeremy (boy) who is not good in the mornings
  6. Rhiannon (girl) who is twinned with the town of Calais

Note : The Caretaker mentions "Bristol" at the end of Series 3 Episode 13. The Caretaker's made up fact about Jake is a reference to the Bill Medley song "(I've Had) The Time of My Life"

  • Episode 12 (Airdate : 25/09/2008)
  • The batch of unfortunates are from Newcastle
  • Unfortunates:
  1. Georgia (girl) who thinks sprouts are over-rated
  2. Camille (boy) who used to have a job as a duck
  3. Andrew (boy) he has a seaside villa in Nice
  4. Ellie (girl) is choosy about her hairstyles
  5. Jessica (girl) is partial to a slice of quiche
  6. Zachary (boy) is engaged. Please leave a message. BEEP!

  • Episode 13 (Airdate : 02/10/2008)
  • The batch of unfortunates are from Wakefield
  • Unfortunates:
  1. Jorgie (girl) who used to be a cordless kettle
  2. Aaron (boy) who won Strictly Come Dancing in 1928
  3. Elise (girl) has the tail of a racoon
  4. Jake (boy) he's a tap dancing badger
  5. Sophie (girl) is pretending to be scared
  6. William (boy) who is scared and wishes he could get out of here

Note: The Caretaker's made up fact about Aaron says that he won Strictly Come Dancing in 1928, although Strictly Come Dancing didn't exist around about then.

Series 3Edit

  • Episode 1 (Airdate : 02/01/2009)
  • The Batch of unfortunates are from Brixton
  • Unfortunates:
  1. Brady (girl) who's an airport baggage handler
  2. Ishmael (boy) he comes from the planet Wah-Wah!
  3. Jaydene (girl) is a hot air balloonist
  4. Michael (boy) he's a deep sea diver
  5. Olivia (girl) who used to be a bean bag
  6. John (boy) the end of the earth, 1965

  • Episode 2 (Airdate : 09/01/2009)
  • The Batch of Unfortunates are from Wigan
  • Unfotunates
  1. Zoe (girl) she knows how to play chess in her sleep
  2. Luke (boy) he flies to school on a cornflake
  3. Chloe (girl) she's an annoying organic farmer
  4. Jamie (boy) he's secretly terrified of everything
  5. Ellie (girl) who has candyfloss for hair
  6. Corey (boy) who discovered France last week by accident

  • Episode 3 (Airdate : 16/01/2009)
  • The Batch of Unfortunates are from Sutton Coldfield
  • Unfortunates
  1. Tom (boy) he's a Spanish omelette
  2. Bryhanna (girl) is Somewhere Over the Rainbow!
  3. Elliot (boy) he sleeps with his eyes open
  4. Olivia (girl) she's married to a phone box
  5. Marcel (boy) who once swallowed his own head
  6. Florence (girl) she's a town in Italy

This is the only episode of Trapped where Floor 6, 5 and 3 ever passed. Florence on Floor6, Elliot on Floor 5 and Tom on Floor 3. Bryhanna was the only successful saboteur making the team fail Green Fingers also tying the votes (Marcel and Olivia)

  • Episode 4 (Airdate : 23/01/2009)
  • The Batch of Unfortunates are from Newport
  • Unfortunates
  1. Ellis (boy) who lives in a baked bean can
  2. Mollie (girl) she's addicted to snooker
  3. Shravan (boy) who thinks fireplaces are great
  4. Chloe (girl) who has a pet yoghurt
  5. Robbie (boy) his best friend is a cod
  6. Lauren (girl) who is room-temperature

  • Episode 5 (Airdate : 30/01/2009)
  • The Batch of Unfortunates are from Maidstone
  • Unfortunates
  1. Daniel (boy) who keeps mash potatato in his ears
  2. Mariah (girl) who likes to sniff goldfish
  3. Chris (boy) has a head full of song
  4. Ella (girl) she's secretly terrified of popcorn
  5. George (boy) who does a mean vegetable curry
  6. Rebecca (girl) who ran the marathon backwards

  • Episode 6 (Airdate : 06/02/2009)
  • The Batch of Unfortunates are from Gateshead
  • Unfortunates
  1. Steeley (boy) who's a driving instructor
  2. Anna (girl) she collects rechargeable batteries
  3. Ryan (boy) who's a pop star in Spain
  4. Charys (girl) who was rescued from a baboon sanctuary
  5. Cameron (boy) he's married to a deckchair called 'Sally'
  6. Shannon (girl) who's a mermaid. Mondays between 3 and 4

  • Episode 7 (Airdate : 13/02/2009)
  • The Batch of Unfortunates are from Eastbourne
  • Unfortunates:
  1. Sophie (girl) who is an eskimo
  2. Aaron (boy) whose job is a toilet flusher
  3. Rebecca (girl) she looks like she is regretting that kebab
  4. Harvey (boy) he collects castles
  5. Dani (girl) whose boyfriend is a cheese baguette
  6. Grahame (boy) who is a Supermarket Security Guard

  • Episode 8 (Airdate : 20/02/2009)
  • The Batch of Unfortunates are from Paisley
  • Unfortunates
  1. Sarah (girl) who has pills
  2. Adam (boy) he's named after a popular cheese
  3. Lauren (girl) she invented the weather
  4. Matt (boy) he has a collection of antique furniture
  5. Maria (girl) she is a coiled spring
  6. Mbalwani (boy) who won the eurovision song contest 1926

Note: This is the first of two episodes where two unfortunates have a draw after a challenge is succeeded.

  • Episode 9 (Airdate : 27/02/2009)
  • The Batch of Unfortunates are from Walton
  • Unfortunates
  1. Elizabeth (girl) who's a champion bog snorkeler
  2. Joseph (boy) who's a sucker for a nice pair of shoes
  3. Emz (girl) who isn't left handed
  4. Leon (boy) he reads bus tickets for fun
  5. Emma (girl) she's from London. Hang on, How did she get in there?
  6. Aaron (boy) who's named after a jumper

  • Episode 10 (Airdate : 06/03/2009)
  • The batch of Unfortunates are from Hackney
  • Unfortunates
  1. Osman (boy) who lives in a lighthouse
  2. Yinka (girl) is a ruthless gardener
  3. Juhel (boy) is part bumblebee
  4. Salima (girl) she's alive with The Sound of Music
  5. Dan (boy) is from the planet Gateshead. How did he get in there?
  6. Callum (boy) who won 'gold' in the Imaginary Olympics. 2006, 1912

Note: This is the second and final episode when all the saboteurs were trapped since the first one being Series 1, Episode 8 and this is also the only episode to have four boys and two girls in the batch of unfortunates in this episode

  • Episode 11 (Airdate : 13/03/2009)
  • The Batch of Unfortunates are from Leeds
  • Unfortunates
  1. ​Jack (boy) who has overdue library books
  2. Kirby (girl) who doesn't have a care in the world
  3. Glen (boy) who's a champion hot-shoe shuffler
  4. Lauren (girl) she reflects the sun
  5. Daniel (boy) is a retired nuclear physicist
  6. Danielle (girl) who can hold her breath for 10 months

  • Episode 12 (Airdate : 20/03/2009)
  • The Batch of Unfortunates are from Glasgow
  • Unfortunates
  1. Daniel (boy) who has a fear of frisbees
  2. Chloe (girl) who's a pilot. Weekends only
  3. James (boy) he's a professsional karaoke king
  4. Carly (girl) she's a member of the Royal Family
  5. Jack (boy) who used to be a moustache
  6. Darcy (girl) is from London. How did she get in here?

Note: This is the second and last of two episodes where two unfortunates have a draw after a challenge is succeeded.

  • Episode 13 (Airdate : 27/03/2009)
  • The Batch of Unfortunates are from Bolton
  • Unfortunates
  1. Nathan (boy) who's a Georgian dentist
  2. Sophie (girl) she sleeps upside down
  3. Ben (boy) who is half onion
  4. Andi (girl) is unbelievable
  5. Chris (boy) has a weakness for darts
  6. Meganne (girl) who invented wallpaper

Series 4 (Trapped! Ever After)Edit

  • The batch of unfortunates are from Gravesend
  • Unfortunates
  1. Ethan (boy), he lives in a sandcastle
  2. Daisy (girl), she rhymes with "lazy" and "hazy"
  3. Thomas (boy) thinks he's a viking
  4. Daveena (girl) is an executive biscuit
  5. Mete (boy) is two of your five-a-day
  6. Ellie (girl), she's an imposter

  • Episode 2 (Airdate : 18/10/2010)
  • The batch of unfortunates are from Hastings
  • Unfortunates:
  1. Ross (boy), he once got stuck up a drainpipe
  2. Lucy (girl), who used to be a postage stamp
  3. PJ (boy) thought he was going to be on Raven! Gutted!
  4. Jordan (boy) once moonwalked the marathon
  5. Megan (girl), buy one, get one free
  6. And there she is, her twin sister Kimberley (girl). No relation!

  • Episode 3 (Airdate : 19/10/2010)
  • The Unfortunates are from West Bromwich
  • Unfortunates:
  1. Tariq (boy) invented computers completely by accident
  2. Nicole (girl) is currently unrecyclable
  3. Connor (boy) has wings! You can see them under his shirt
  4. Courtney (girl) is rich in Vitamin C
  5. Paige (girl) speaks fluent toad
  6. Kadeem (boy), he's a luxury holiday in Torremolinos

  • Episode 4 (Airdate : 20/10/2010)
  • The Unfortunates are from Fulham
  • Unfortunates:
  • Leurim (boy), he used to be a cheese grater
  • Noor (girl) is free from polyunsaturates
  • Said (boy) hatched from a golden egg
  • Hodon (girl), she once waxed a penguin
  • Ganto (boy) is an ironing board
  • Irisa (girl) once went to school on a biscuit

  • Episode 5 (Airdate : 21/10/2010)
  • The Unfortunates are from Croydon
  • Unfortunates:
  1. Daisi (boy), He's Lord Mayor of Marmalade
  2. Kaleah (girl) is a champion welly wanger
  3. John (boy) must be kept refrigerated at all times
  4. Freya (girl) invented wigs
  5. Kieran (boy), he collected dust
  6. Ellie (girl), she used to be a step ladder

  • Episode 6 (Airdate : 25/10/2010)
  • The Unfortunates are from Bootle
  • Unfortunates:
  1. Matthew (boy), he has a really unusual nickname
  2. Bobbie-Leigh (girl), Bobbie-Leigh, Bobbylee,Bobbly!
  3. Paul (boy) is allergic to chairs
  4. Rhea (girl) is 100% wholeweat goodness
  5. Harry (boy) won Eurovision in 1970-ten
  6. Fern (girl), That's 3 yeses, you're going through

  • Episode 7 (Airdate : 26/10/2010)
  • The Unfortunates are from Pontypool
  • Unfortunates
  1. Sam (boy), He's rude to lollipop ladies
  2. Leah (girl), she used to be a luxury yoghurt
  3. Joel (boy) is a baggage handler at Luton Airport
  4. Caitlin (girl), stunt double to the stars
  5. Euan (boy) invented the word "bamboozle"
  6. Cerys (girl), World Thumb Wrestling Champion 2000 and 3000

  • Episode 8 (Airdate : 27/10/2010)
  • The Unfortunates are from South Shields
  • Unfortunates
  1. Adam (boy), he invented a time machine in 2056
  2. Abigail (girl) used to be a banjo
  3. Ellis (boy) is a trip hazard
  4. Amy (girl) is scared of Wednesdays
  5. Ads (boy) glows in the dark
  6. Abbie (girl) once cooked a mammoth

  • Episode 9 (Airdate : 28/10/2010)
  • The Unfortunates are from Plaistow
  • Unfortunates
  1. Yoma (girl), she walks backwards on a Sunday
  2. Rowan (boy), he's low in saturates
  3. Lotte (girl), who is just pretending
  4. Moobina (girl) used to be a leisure centre
  5. Yusuf (boy), who looks great in that shirt
  6. Tiernan (boy) isn't here right now, Please leave a message. BEEP!

  • Episode 10 (Airdate : 01/11/2010)
  • The Unfortunates are from Weston-Super-Mare
  • Unfortunates
  1. Josh (boy), he invented walking in 2046
  2. Amy (girl) isn't from Weston-super-mare but that doesn't matter
  3. Ruby (girl) is part-badger
  4. Joshua (boy) comes in a multi-pack and must not be sold sepreately
  5. Keane (boy) isn't made of money
  6. Molly (girl) has parked illegally again

  • Episode 11 (Airdate : 02/11/2010)
  • The Unfortunates are from Livingstone
  • Unfortunates
  1. Nicolas (boy), he's terrified of tangerines
  2. Katie (girl), she invented carrots
  3. Zak (boy) is best served chilled
  4. Martha (girl) is from London, How did she get in here?
  5. Craig (boy), he used to be a cruise liner
  6. Lauren (girl), she travels to school by hedgehog

  • Episode 12 (Airdate : 03/11/2010)
  • The Unfortunates are from Ipswich
  • Unfortunates
  1. Ryan (boy), his sister;s a DVD
  2. Shannon (girl) invented dogs in 1990-ninety
  3. Emilio (boy) holds the record for the loudest burp
  4. Brett (boy) is the Prime Minster of Cheese
  5. Neve (girl) has a pet dragon
  6. Shelby (girl) has gone for lunch, back in 5 minutes

  • Episode 13 (Airdate : 04/11/2010)
  • The Unfortunates are from Bolton
  • Unfortunates:
  1. Joshua (boy), he's terrified of sneezing
  2. Penny (girl) is free from artificial flavours and preservatives
  3. Juliette (girl) used to be the capital of France
  4. Daniel (boy) is an accident waiting to happen
  5. Mahnoor (girl) woke up 5 minutes ago
  6. Sam (boy) is Cashier number 4, please