Horror Heads is a timed Floor 4 challenge introduced in Series 1.

The Caretaker's Explanation of the Game Edit

The Unfortunates are gathered around a spooky pit where four evil toys are ready to play nasty - The Horror Heads! Each Horror Head is controlled by an Unfortunate, but who is controlling which head? To pass the challenge, they must work together to move the ball across the pit within 90 seconds. If they run out of time, it's their necks on the line and they've failed!

Layout Edit

The layout of the room is quite decorated. The room has green walls with peeling wallpaper and a large purple 4 in the middle wall. At the centre however is the main attraction which is a large pit like area divided into two separate areas. One side of the pit is black and white checkered, the other side is red and black checkered. In the middle of this pit is a ramp which the cars can drive over to reach the other side. There are four podiums for each of the four Unfortunates where they can control their cars. Above their heads are small lights coloured red, blue, green and yellow, and finally there is a sign reading "Horror Heads" in a font similar to the ones found at carnivals.

Gameplay Edit

The Unfortunates are all taking control of a different head (a skull, robot, doll and teddy bear). Despite this however, nobody knows who is controlling which head. They all need to co-operate together to make sure that a golden ball reaches the "goal" zone (the red and black checkered area of the pit) before the time (90 seconds) runs out. The Voice tells the Saboteur how they can attempt to stop the team getting control of the ball as well as information on who is controlling which of the heads.

Saboteurs and Unfortunates Trapped Edit

  • Series 1, Episode 11 (Liverpool) - In the challenge's sole appearance, the Saboteur was Alex. Alex ruined the game, but was detected by the others for giving himself away.

Trivia Edit

  • This challenge is the only Floor 4 challenge with a time limit in all of trapped similar to how Toxic Treats is the only Floor 6 challenge without one.
  • This challenge has made the least number of appearances in the show, only appearing once.
  • This is the first challenge where none of the saboteurs have escaped. It is also the only one from Series 1.
  • In Series 1, Episode 11 (Liverpool), there is a slightly ridiculous moment where all the Unfortunates' cars crashed into each other, causing them all to laugh hysterically for a few seconds before trying to get out of the predicament.
  • Alex was the only Unfortunate whose Horror Head was directly mentioned, in his case the doll. Edwin likely controlled the teddy bear due The Voice saying “That’s Edwin’s!” when the teddy bear collided with the wall and let the ball roll away. When Alex collided with the robot, Carmen reacted, implying that she was controlling the robot, leaving Lily as the one controlling the skull.

Challenge Appearances Edit

TTV - Trapped! Horror Heads Challenge -CBBC, 2007- @Trapped TV

TTV - Trapped! Horror Heads Challenge -CBBC, 2007- @Trapped TV