George was a boy from Poplar, who appeared in the pilot episode Series 1, Episode 1 (Poplar). According to The Caretaker, he has two shadows.

Series 1, Episode 1 (Poplar)

George appeared in the very first episode of Trapped!. The episode aired on September 29th, 2007.

George's Journey Through The Tower

On Floor 6 'Black Widow', George received no votes as Saboteur, and he voted for Daisy because "She sucked up two yellow spiders". Emmy, Conor and Bethan also voted for Daisy, while Tyrone voted for Emmy and Daisy voted for Bethan. The real Saboteur was Emmy. As the team failed, the Unfortunate with the most votes (Daisy) got trapped.

On Floor 5 'Feed Me Lies', George was chosen as the Saboteur. He had to make the team fail by getting the team to answer three questions incorrectly. Unfortunately, George failed to sabotage the challenge, with the team getting three correct guesses in a row, and not a single wrong guess. George received no votes as Saboteur and he voted for Tyrone because "He kept taking the lead". The rest of the team also voted for Tyrone, while Tyrone voted for Conor. Despite Tyrone receiving the most votes, the team passed, meaning George was automatically trapped regardless of the votes.

When The Voice asked George "Why do you think you failed as the Saboteur?", George said "I think I failed because the questions were easy for the team, and they made up their answers quite quick".


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