Feed Me Lies is a mental Floor 5 challenge introduced in Series 1. It has a high chance of sabotage failure and/or getting detected.

The Caretaker's Explanation of the Game Edit

This game is all about truths and lies. On this floor is a magical garden. In the center are two plants, Phyllis, who loves the truth and Madge, who loves lies. Unfortunates must choose a seed and put it under the magnifying glass. Phyllis will read out the statement written on it. Is it true or is it a lie? The unfortunates must decide which plant to feed. The unfortunates must feed three seeds to the correct plant to pass. Get it wrong three times and they fail.

Layout Edit

The room is adorned with many growing plants, decorated in the fashion of a garden. In the front of the room are large sacks with many seeds in them, and in the center are Phyllis and Madge. On both sides of them are benches where the Unfortunates will sit down at and discuss their answers (based on their order in the lineup).

Challenge Characters Edit

The challenge characters are two plants named Phyllis and Madge. Phyllis likes to eat facts that are true, while Madge likes to eat lies. When the Unfortunates choose a seed and place it under the magnifying glass, Phyllis will read the statement on it. Both Phyllis and Madge will spit the seed out if it's the wrong answer. Phyllis can sometimes get frustrated if the Unfortunates take too much time when making a decision or call them "so silly" if they make a wrong choice.

Gameplay Edit

This challenge is based around answering "true or false" questions. The Unfortunates have to take in turns (Phyllis usually calls them forward rather promptly) to place a seed for Phyllis to read the statement on it. They then have to decide as a team to answer true or false. If they decide that it's true, the seed will be fed to Phyllis. If it's false, it will be fed to Madge. If they get a wrong answer, Phyllis or Madge will spit the seed out. The Unfortunates must get three correct answers to pass the challenge, while getting three incorrect answers will make them fail the challenge. During the challenge, The Voice tells the Saboteur whether the statement is true or false and encourages them to get the team to feed lies to Phyllis and truth to Madge.

Saboteurs and Unfortunates Trapped Edit

  • Series 1, Episode 1 (Poplar) - The Saboteur was George. George failed to sabotage the challenge, though he was undetected, with Tyrone getting 4 votes instead.
  • Series 1, Episode 5 (Birmingham) - The Saboteur was Sophie. Sophie ruined the game and got away with it. Lizzie received 3 votes as Saboteur and got trapped. Sophie later escaped the Tower.
  • Series 1, Episode 8 (Manchester) - The Saboteur was Isobel. Isobel failed to sabotage the challenge and she got detected for disagreeing with the other Unfortunates.
  • Series 1, Episode 11 (Liverpool) - The Saboteur was Emily. Emily failed to sabotage the challenge and she got detected for disagreeing with the other Unfortunates.

Trivia Edit

  • Sophie is the only Saboteur in this challenge to successfully sabotage the challenge and remain undetected, as well as the only Saboteur to escape the Tower.
  • As mentioned above, Lizzie is the only Unfortunate trapped to not be the Saboteur.
  • George is the only male Unfortunate to be chosen as Saboteur in this challenge. He is also the only male unfortunate to be trapped.
  • This challenge has a Series 2-3 counterpart called Two-Faced Liar. Both challenges are based around answering "true or false" questions. The main difference is Two-Faced Liar having slightly harder questions and appearing on floor 4.
  • Feed Me Lies is the first mental challenge to appear in the show.
  • Phyllis and Madge are also the first challenge characters introduced in the show and are two of three characters who's character is accomplished through puppetry, the other being the Whinging Werewolf in Extraction.