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Emmy was a girl from Poplar, who appeared as an Unfortunate in the pilot episode Series 1, Episode 1 (Poplar). According to The Caretaker, she was born with blue hair.

Series 1, Episode 1 (Poplar) Edit

Emmy appeared in the first-ever episode of Trapped!, which originally aired on September 29th, 2007.

Emmy's Journey Through The Tower Edit

On Floor 6 'Black Widow', Emmy was chosen as the Saboteur. She had to stop the team from sucking up all the white spider eggs. Emmy successfully sabotaged the challenge and received one vote as Saboteur from Tyrone because "She looked like she was trying to pick up the wrong ones". Emmy voted for Daisy as Saboteur because "I saw her suck up two yellow spiders". Conor, Bethan and George also voted for Daisy, and Daisy voted for Bethan. As the team failed, the Unfortunate with the most votes (Daisy) got trapped, while Emmy succeeded as the Saboteur and kept her identity secret.

On Floor 5 'Feed Me Lies', Emmy received no votes as Saboteur and she voted for Tyrone because "He was always the first to answer true or false". Conor, Bethan and George also voted for Tyrone, and Tyrone voted for Conor. The real Saboteur was George. As the team passed, George was automatically trapped regardless of the voting.

On Floor 4 'Snake Attack', Emmy received one vote as Saboteur from Conor because "Every time, she would say that it would be the top one". Emmy voted for Tyrone as Saboteur because "He chose the middle one when it was wrong". Bethan also voted for Tyrone, and Tyrone voted for Bethan. The real Saboteur was Bethan. As the team failed, the Unfortunate with the most votes (Tyrone) got trapped.

On Floor 3 'Wicked Wardrobes', Emmy received two votes as Saboteur - one from Bethan because "None of the lights were turned off near her", and one from Conor because "All the time, she could have got out, and kicked that one over there, so it would have been easy for her". Emmy voted for Conor because "I heard his footprints, and I heard his cupboard close". The real Saboteur was Bethan (again). As the team failed and Emmy received the most votes, she got trapped.

When The Voice asked Emmy "How do you feel about being trapped?", Emmy said "A bit weird, and a bit lonely".

Trivia Edit

  • Emmy is the first Unfortunate in the series to be chosen as a Saboteur.
  • Emmy received votes on every floor except for Floor 5.
  • Emmy appears to be good friends with Bethan; on Floor 3, when The Voice announced the real saboteur was Bethan (after the team voted for Emmy) Bethan whispered to Emmy: "Sorry Em".
  • Another Unfortunate with a similar name to her (albeit spelled differently), Emy appeared in Series 2, Episode 6 (Sale). Emy was Saboteur on Floor 4 and was trapped due to losing a Draw Straws tie with Necho.
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