The challenge characters will appear in Floor appearance order.

Floor 6 Edit

Body Shock - The Botherers Edit

The Botherers are two zombie-like figures that appear in a cage in Body Shock. When the blackouts happen, the saboteur goes to release them from the cage by turning a wheel, which will set them free. They dismantle the body until the blackout ends and the unfortunates put them back into their cage.

Giant Appetite - The Giant Edit

The Giant is really the Caretaker, who uses a megaphone to make him louder. When he calls, the unfortunates must hid under the table, whilst the saboteur comes out and destroys the banquet.

Botherer Blocks- The Baby Botherer Edit

Baby Botherer appears in the Floor 6 game, Botherer Blocks. When a blackout occurs, the Saboteur must release the Baby Botherer from its crib to knock down the tower of blocks the Unfortunates must build. The Baby Botherer is a baby version of The Botherers from Body Shock.

The Lost Invitations - The Grimble

The Grimble is the little creature hiding inside the booth. It is revealed by the Caretaker that he messed up all of the letters in the post office and then hid inside the booth. He collects the letters that the unfortunates post inside the booth. However, if the saboteur posts a ripped invitation, the Grimble gets confused and then throws it away.

Floor 5 Edit

Feed Me Lies - Phyllis and MadgeEdit

Phyllis and Madge are two talking plant-heads who live in the garden in Feed Me Lies. Phyllis loves to eat the truth, and Madge loves to eat lies. Phyllis is tall, slender and pink, whereas Madge is broad, short, and purple. Phyllis is very chatty and talks to the unfortunates, often making puns and urging the unfortunates to be quicker, whereas Madge only grunts. Unfortunates take a seed from the open sack in the middle of the room, and place it under the microscope in front of the two plants. Phyllis will read the statement on it, and the unfortunates must decide whether the statement is true or false. If they think it is true, they feed the bean to Phyllis, and if they think it is false, they feed it to Madge.


Deadly Medley - Boris Edit

Boris is a figure dressed in a hooded robe that covers, and thus there is no visible part of him. He is the tower organist and sits at his organ in Deadly Medley, Unfortunates take the letter magnets scattered over his organ's keyboard and place it onto the slate in front of him, trying to spell out words. If they spell out a word he likes, he will play the notes, grunt in happiness, and yellow smoke will come out of his organ, but if the unfortunate spell a word he doesn't like, he will play the piece, scream, and red smoke will come out of his organ. He doesn't like words depending on which letters they contain.

Series Two:

Spooked: Miss Mutternots. Ahhh, now the tension is finally lifted. Miss Mutternot is the Tower Librarian (hence her name). She hates spooked books and if the Unfortunates find one she will scream. But in Ever After, she returns without the other previous characters and she now hates messy libraries and she is in one. Moving up to Floor 6,)  makes the Unfortunates tidy the mess up.

Fairy Trials: The fairies. The fairies are there to be exterminated if bad and released if good.

Series Three:

Beware the Crowman: The Crowman. He rests in the middle of the Floor surrounded by 13 pumpkins. If a good pumpkin is blown out he remains at rest, but if a bad one IS chosen, he will scream and frighten the Unfortunates.

Series Four:

The Frozen Princess: clue is in the challenge name. She just rests on the table, awaiting roses to be placed in her hands. But if she hears the trigger word, she will scream and all the roses will fly out of her hands.

The Midnight Bride: The Midnight Bride. She walks down the isle waiting to see which suitor the team chose. If she likes him, she'll raise the picture aloft and celebrate. But if she doesn't like him, she throws a tantrum. The Vicar. He stands at the front, urging the Unfortunates to be quicker in choosing the maid.

The Owl: Appears in Poisoned Hollows. The Owl rests on top of a branch, watching the unfortunates. After the saboteur touches the first apple during the saboteur alert, the owl will hook 5 seconds later. The unfortunates will then come out of their tunnels once the owl has hooted twice.

Floor 4:

Series One:

Snake Attack: The Child Eating Python. The python lies in a hole in each column and waits. If the unlucky unfortunate puts their hand in that hole, they will get bitten, if not she passes on to the next hole if her choice. (This is series one two and three).

Witch's Brew: Ethel. She stands by her cauldron asking the Unfortunates to get her the ingredients she needs from the unspecified numbered jars. She cheers if they are correct or silks if they get it wrong.

Exploding Toad in the Hole: The Toads. The Toads will be hidden inside the holes. If an unfortunate puts their hand inside a hole with a toad, the toad will explode, splattering the unfortunate's hand with black ooze.

Series Two:

Green Fingers: Clue is in the name. If the unlucky unfortunate puts their hand in the pot Green Fingers is in, instead of a Magic Bulb, it is him they will unearth.

Two Faced Liar: Madame Deux Visage. Her name translated into English is Miss Two Face. She sits in front of her mirror asking true and false questions to the Unfortunates. If they answer correctly she exclaims OUI! But if they answer incorrectly she screams NON! 

Series Four:

The Wolf and The Nut: Scarlett, she sits on the bed helping the Unfortunates by soothing them and calming them down whilst asking for scrumble nuts. The Wolf. The Wolf lies in a certain matress and if an Unfortunate puts their hand in the matress they get bitten. She doesn't belive in the wolf and gets annoyed if there are no scrumble nuts. Despite this she is without a doubt the best person to be trapped with.

Split Ends: Clue is  in the name. She sits in the middle of the room silently tangled in her hair. She giggle quietly if the Unfortunates untie a good bow but if they untie a screamer, she will, well, scream and disdurbed.

Floor 3:

Series One:

Poisened Banquet: The head on the serving tray. Now many people forget about him but he was there! He came up at around the third course surprising the chatting with the Unfortunates.

Series Two:

Extraction: The Whinging Werewolf. this Werewolf is in a dentist chair, filled with pain. If the Unfortunates pull out a rotten tooth, he'll sigh, but pull a healthy tooth and he will scream in pain.

The One Eyed Watcher: Clue is in the name. He stands with three cups and his own eye. YUK. He shuffles his eye under the cups and leaves the Unfortunates wondering where the eyeball is.

Camp Fear: The Moonhowler. He lies in Camp Fear and howls if the fire is put out.

Forbidden Chambers: The Jub jubs. They just lie in different coloured crates to be transfered from different coloured rooms.

Series Four:

A Child for Tea : Granny. She feeds the Unfortunates sweeties but only one of the three she gives them is good. The unfortunate trapped with her is likely to be eaten by her.(which is not true out of the series)

Scallywag Wood: Esme: she turns scallywags into different animals,as well as chickens. She puts them Unger spell, only to get turned back by the tree of transformation.

Millicent, Girl hating moths: Millicent. Once some lights are turned on she tries to turn on even more until she runs off.

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  • Miss Mutternot is the only challenge character from the first 3 series (Spooked) that reappeared in Trapped Ever After (Mutternot's Tales).