Botherer Blocks is a timed physical Floor 6 challenge introduced in Series 4 (Ever After). It is similar to Body Shock and Wall Of Sorrow.

The Caretaker's Explanation of the Game Edit

Unfortunates will have their work cut in this nasty nursery. They must build a tower out of the toy blocks scattered around the room, whilst keeping an eye on the restless Baby Botherer. But beware! If there are power cuts, one Unfortunate will be out to cause chaos! With a Baby Botherer on the loose, there'll be trouble! To pass, Unfortunates must make sure baby's back in his pen and all the toy blocks are on the rug!"

Layout Edit

The room is decorated in a nursery theme. At the sides of the room are toys, such as a rocking horse, a chair, shelves containing puppets with dust on them after not being played with for so long. On one side of the wall the baby's crib is built into the wall, and is shaped like a cage.

Challenge CharacterEdit

The Baby Botherer is shown to be the apparent son of the Botherers from Body Shock, although both Botherers are shown to be male. He is dressed in a pink baby outfit, decorated with a skull and crossbones design. His bottom lip trembles quite frequently. He lives in a crib in the side of the room, but when the saboteur releases the baby, he goes into a tantrum and destroys the tower blocks. He is played by Brian Wheeler.


The Unfortunates have to try and pile the blocks on the rug in the middle of the room, which lies on top of the trapdoor. When there is a blackout (usually happening three times during the challenge), the Saboteur releases the Baby Botherer by pulling the lever near his pen. The Baby Botherer will then run towards the tower of blocks, knocking it down. When the blackout ends, the Unfortunates have to rebuild the Tower and lock the Baby Botherer back in his pen. In order to pass the challenge, the Baby Botherer must be locked in his pen and all the blocks must be stacked on top of the rug. If not, the challenge will be failed.

Saboteurs and Unfortunates Trapped Edit

  • Series 4, Episode 2 (Hastings) - The Saboteur was Lucy. Lucy ruined the game but was detected for making too much noise.
  • Series 4, Episode 5 (Croydon) - The Saboteur was Freya. Freya ruined the game and got away with it. Kieran received 4 votes as Saboteur and got trapped. Freya was later trapped on Floor 2.
  • Series 4, Episode 8 (South Shields) - The Saboteur was Adam. Adam ruined the game and got away with it, not even getting a single vote. Ads received 5 votes as Saboteur and got trapped. Adam was later trapped on Floor 5.
  • Series 4, Episode 11 (Livingston) - The Saboteur was Craig. Craig ruined the game and got away with it. Zak received 3 votes as Saboteur and got trapped. Craig was chosen as Saboteur again on Floor 4 and was later trapped on Floor 2.

Trivia Edit

  • Lucy is the only Saboteur to be detected, and the only Saboteur to be trapped. She is also the only female Unfortunate to be trapped in the challenge.
  • Adam and Craig are the only Saboteurs in this challenge to sabotage the challenge and not get a single vote.
  • In Series 4, Episode 8 (South Shields), the tower of blocks was knocked off the rug by the Baby Botherer during the second blackout, meaning that even if the Unfortunates completed the tower of blocks, the blocks not being on top of the rug meant the team would still fail the challenge.