Black Widow is a timed Floor 6 Challenge introduced in Series 1.

The Caretaker's Explanation of the Game Edit

The Unfortunates are surrounded by white spider's eggs. They must use the vacuumigators to suck up all the eggs. But they have to be careful, because amongst the eggs are Black Widow spiders. You don't want to suck one of them up! If they do, more spider's eggs will be released. They have 90 seconds to suck up all the eggs. If there's even one left, the Unfortunates will fail!

Layout Edit

The layout of the room is somewhat simplistic. The room has green walls with peeling wallpaper and a large purple 6. The room also has a large bronze vacuum machine with eight dials and six transparent hoses. It is unknown what purpose the dials serve, but its likely used to alter the air pressure of the vacummigators (the name given to the hoses by The Caretaker). On both sides of the machine, there are white cobwebs which help emphasise the challenges' theme of spiders.

Gameplay Edit

The six Unfortunates must use their vacummigators to suck up all the white spider's eggs off the floor in order to pass the challenge. While they do this, they must also stay away from the "black widow spiders eggs". (light green/glow in the dark eggs with a picture of a spider). The Voice tells the Saboteur when it is safe to attempt to suck up a black widow egg, as by doing this more eggs will be released on to the floor and will hinder the completion of the task.

Saboteurs and Unfortunates Trapped Edit

  • Series 1, Episode 1 (Poplar) - The Saboteur was Emmy. Emmy ruined the game and got away with it. Daisy received 4 votes as Saboteur and got trapped. Emmy was later trapped on Floor 3.
  • Series 1, Episode 5 (Birmingham) - The Saboteur was Alice. Alice ruined the game and got away with it. Jack received 3 votes as Saboteur and got trapped. Alice was later chosen as Saboteur again and got trapped on Floor 3.
  • Series 1, Episode 8 (Manchester) - The Saboteur was Jack. Jack ruined the game, but got a tied vote with Oaiss and drew the short straw, meaning he got trapped.
  • Series 1, Episode 11 (Liverpool) - The Saboteur was Edwin. Edwin ruined the game and got away with it. Ross received 3 votes as Saboteur and got trapped. Edwin was later trapped on Floor 3.

Trivia Edit

  • This was the very first challenge ever played in the show, as it was featured in the first episode.
  • All of the saboteurs (except Jack in Series 1 Episode 8) were later trapped on Floor 3 (Wicked Wardrobes). In addition, Jack is the only saboteur in this challenge to get trapped, due to him losing the Draw Straws tie to Oaiss.
  • This is one of three challenges in which two unfortunates of the same name were trapped, in this case two Jacks, Camp Fear (trapping two Ellie's) and Scallywag Wood (Trapping two Amy's) Coincidentally, this one is the only one which applies to the boys.
  • Jack (Series 1, Episode 5) was the only unfortunate trapped who didn't use the pipe closest to the left.
  • This challenge also trapped the very first unfortunate (Daisy). Daisy is also the only girl to be trapped in Black Widow.
  • According to Ross in Series 1, Episode 11 (Liverpool), his pipe was stuck and would not let him get any eggs. This could mean the machine used in the challenge became faulty and is likely why this challenge did not return (It was also the challenges last appearance)